Why Do Kids Hate the Idea of Parental Control Apps?

Are parental control software best tools to protect kids in today’s fast-paced world, or so is the word around? Well, it is true that these apps have been successful to a large extent, driving kids’ attention to more productive activities. However, parental controls play a key role in the creation of a wedge between parents and kids.

It has been identified that parents using child monitoring software are strict, dictatorial parents giving no space or independence to kids. Such parents prefer kids to follow their rules and instructions blindly without a single word of argument. Unsurprisingly, this parenting style makes your child more aggressive and develops a distance.

In the new age of technology and digital gadgets, parents need advancing. Employ the best parental control apps to prevent kids from digital dangers but at the same time, foster independence and encourage their opinion.

What is Free-Range Parenting?

Parental control software is best suited in alignment with Free-range parenting. Limit your physical supervision and encourage your kids to handle situations independently. For instance, let your kids manage their homework, cross streets, attend concerts, etc. but only when permitted by parents or under their watch.

Free-range parenting develops the following skills in your kids:

But free-range parenting should not be confused with permissive parenting. Children cannot exploit independence by being authoritative and detecting terms. Every decision needs an agreement, and every step requires due permission of parents.

Parents, on the other hand, need to be cautious and limit their interference. Instead of feeling worried and prying on kids’ whereabouts, make use of parental control apps and track your child’s location.

Parental controls also offer a smart way to approach digital activities. Limiting screen time, blocking explicit content, restricting apps, blocking suspicious callers, etc. are actions parents can take to keep their kids safe.

Parental control apps are not a magic bullet which will show results overnight, with the right parenting style and correct controls, you can gradually see the desired outcome.

5 Tips to Make Kids Aware of The Importance of Parental Control Software

Most parents fail to communicate with kids and talk about pressing issues like the importance of parental control software. All they do is enforce the controls and expect kids to abide by the rules. Well, times have changed, and so have the ways to implement parental controls.

Here are some essential discussions parents need to have with kids:

1.    Prevents Cyberbullies

Before planning on blocking an online chatting app, explain kids the issues about Cyberbullies. Respond to kid’s critical questions like – Who are cyberbullies? How to identify one? How do they impact your life? And, what are the consequences of staying in contact with bullies? Apart from this, share some news clippings, incidents that can back your explanation.

2.    Helps in Time Management

Even though your kid can be responsible for time management, but the endless distractions on smartphones can divert their minds instantly. Kids need to understand that time is of the essence, the clocks won’t stop ticking, so they need to prioritize their work. Especially with academics, children need to be smarter. Parental control app for Time Schedule will help kids overcome distractions, especially during exams.

3.    Prevents virus and malware attack

Usually, young minds are unaware and lack knowledge about virus attacks. However, parents hear about virus threats all the time – in the news or offices. Perhaps kids need to be introduced to this concept as soon as they start using gadgets. Explain how malware infects the device? Which links or apps assist virus attacks? And what precautions are necessary for preventing virus attacks?

4.    Stay in touch in an emergency

A little bit of fear can play a crucial role in appreciating parental control apps. Encourage your kids to talk and communicate with you in times of emergency or stress. In case they are at a distance and cannot reach you immediately, they simply need to press the SOS button to indicate a distress call.

5.    Protects data when stolen

For a child, their phone is an asset. They treat gadgets more delicately than any other given object. Best parental monitoring software’s will house an Anti-Theft feature to reach the phone when it gets stolen. Enlighten your kids how you can remotely delete all their personal data if the phone goes missing and track it down by GPS finder.

Does Parental Control App Encourage Reading Habits in Kids?

A missing element in today’s generation is the habit of reading books. It is not that they hate reading or stay away from books intentionally, but the fact is that they never get introduced to reading properly.

One huge benefit of parental control apps is that they help in making time for extra activities like reading. Reading, if appropriately developed, can be an excellent source of entertainment. It captivates your mind and offers a new perspective on life.

So, offer your kid a delightful childhood by installing the best parental control software and by turning into a sensible parent.