With around 2.41 billion active users every month, Facebook has become the biggest social networking site used worldwide. According to statistics, it is the third most-visited website and the fifth most-downloaded application in-app store.

Connecting such a huge number of peoples across the globe, Facebook is a huge platform or marketplace for any or every type of business. And Facebook content marketing is one such aspect which is beneficial for companies which

  • Want to build their online presence.
  • Promote their business.
  • I want to redirect traffic to their website.
  • Want to build a reputation.

Strategies to adopt

Determine the target audience

There is a saying, ‘Not everything is for everyone’, and that holds true in this case. Every kind of business has a set of a target audience who are interested in the products or services a company provide and can be converted into potential clients. Hence, one should determine the target audience and help boost the reach of their Facebook post writing.

Determining the age group and inclination of which gender towards a particular topic help individuals understand that.

Image source: marketingstrategyx.com

Use engaging and latest images & content

The latest content can pique a customer’s interest and so are graphical images. As a Facebook content marketing technique, you can use images that uses graphics as these can encourage user engagement to the posts shared on the Facebook platform.

Include Facebook preview link

While sharing content on Facebook, you should avoid sharing plain text links as these aren’t very engaging. Instead, a preview link can significantly improve user engagement. As the user already gets a sneak peek of the content through the featured image, users are more likely to click on the links.

Featured image optimization

Featured images are just important while promoting your blog content as this is the first thing visitors see and decide if they want to click the link or not. Hence, using a 600 x 600 square image can grab the audience’s attention and are easily sharable on Instagram as well.

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Further, Facebook provides you with a Sharing debugger tool that can be used to preview the way your content will appear in the user’s digital devices. Optimize the image accordingly and have improved the chances of traffic generation.

Image source: marketingstrategyx.com

Watermark images

Watermarking images are a popular technique used by Facebook content marketers to direct more traffic top their website. You can watermark the image with your company URL. Doing this will redirect traffic to your website with each share of images.

Upload and share blog posts

Blogs are a great way to generate traffic while increasing the credibility and reputation of your company. However, your target audience needs to find the blog in the first place. And Facebook gives you the exposure to help reach your crafted content reach a larger mass with these Facebook content marketing tips.

Make use of Facebook ads strategy

The contents which are already doing well on the Facebook platform can reach a potentially high number of users with a little boost. The little boost can help gain a lot of traffic which can be retained if there is quality and informative content.

Analyzing results

It is a must-use technique by every individual or company opting for Facebook content marketing. It is as much important to analyze the result as performing any other step to determine how your business is performing on the Facebook platform. You can retrieve the analysis report and make sure to analyze

  • Target audience (their age, gender, surfing time, etc.)
  • Maximum user engagement on a specific day and time.
  • Type of content receiving more response.
  • Audience growth, etc.

This analysis will help businesses determine their return on investment and make smarter decisions regarding the technology to be used. Further, they will be able to direct the content writing company better for curating quality and engaging content.

Further, digital marketing enthusiasts investing their time and money for Facebook content marketing should keep sharing content and blog posts regularly. This helps in continual audience engagement and keeps the audience coming back to your website. Adopt these techniques to help give your business the much-needed boost.