Private has a mixed reputation in terms of job opportunities. The domain is not only known for birthing high profile jobs but also taking them away. But, if you look at the progress private equity sphere has made so far, you will realize that P.E firms have created millions of jobs in their portfolio companies.

One role that is created not very long is of an associate. This entry-level position did not really exist a few years ago since P.E typically welcomes experienced hotshots with a finance background. But, with the associate role picking up importance since the past couple of years, many freshmen with a degree in finance are moving towards the path to becoming private equity professional.

If you are one those finance ninjas who aspire to work for a top-notch P.E firm and seeking ways to not just enter a company but also justify your presence there, this article will give you some pointers that you can follow to build a long-lasting career in private equity. Here you go!

1. Don’t look for the easiest way out

To establish yourself early in your professional life, you got to show others that you are comfortable with taking up the hard tasks. Everyone in your company would want to work on hot new deals, but you can prove yourself to be that someone who is ready to carry out detailed work that needs more time and effort.

You can associate yourself with winners who will take all the credit for your work in the end, or else, be on the side of a loser who can actually use your help to perform better. Hence, choose wisely.

2. Pay attention to the portfolio companies

It is natural for you to be close to your P.E co-workers and bosses, but to take your career in a lucrative direction, you must get closer to the management team, the CEOs and CFOs of your portfolio companies because that will help you learn a lot about your work. Finding a mentor who can make you familiar with the know-how of the industry can prove to be immensely beneficial for your career.

3. Earn a Private Equity Certification

Education is valued in every field and in a domain like private equity, firms are looking for nothing but the best people to work for them. Thus, to prove your worth to the employers, owning a private equity certification can really make a difference in impressing recruiters in the first go.

4. Give suggestion only when you are asked to do so

There is a high possibility for you to be a part of a firm with a strict hierarchy here your opinions and suggestions won’t be valued as much as you would expect them to be. Therefore, offer your advice only in a case where it is absolutely necessary. The smart thing to do would be to bide your time until you reach a certain position where your opinions will actually matter.