If you want to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world, it pays to be prepared. Of course, the focuses of education are not what they were in your parents’ time; in fact, a lot has changed in the way we learn and acquire the necessary skills to excel in business.

MBA in the present era

Today’s MBA is not simply a degree you earn after passing some graduate courses — instead today’s MBA is coupled with real-world business experience, renewed emphasis on cooperative education, and a steep networking curve.

That’s why today’s universities are stepping it up in the business and management sectors, and offering globally competitive MBA programs to its students.

What an MBA can do for you?

  • An MBA can help you to think like a business leader and train you to understand complex business issues through conflict resolution and strategic thinking.
  • Not only can an MBA enhance or provide the business skills you may not yet possess, it can also improve your soft skills such as time management, leadership, cross cultural understanding, and effective teamwork skills, all of which are important qualities for the business leaders of tomorrow.
  • Pursuing an MBA also allows you to learn the theories behind the practical choices you make on the job. Studying for an MBA offers the chance to test these theoretical concepts in a safe and structured environment — without the real risks of workplace gambits.
  • A Master in Business Administration Degree allows you to investigate and explore business concepts in a disciplined yet holistic way, and introduces you to frameworks, structures, and models that equip you with the ability to analyze real world business problems and opportunities in a classroom setting.
  • You will learn from those who have been there (thanks to experienced faculty), and you will have the opportunity to network with experienced alumni through university-funded networking events.
  • Studying at the graduate level will also give you the opportunity to increase your earning potential, as the evidence that the initials MBA on your CV can lead to salary growth is well-documented.

The top rank schools listed on the FT Global MBA rankings reported salary increases of over 100% and all schools (in the 100 schools ranking) reported increases of well over 50%. This means that while an MBA can be costly, an MBA graduate is likely to receive a return on their education investment within a short span of three to five years.

These figures show why an MBA can lead to a better salary and position, but other options exist to make the initial investment less onerous, as well. On top of generous bursaries, scholarships, and other awards, a number of business schools currently offer extremely manageable part-time programs, co-op internships, and even MBA options combined with CPA and CFA designations.

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Present day MBA programs

Flexibility and versatility are now hallmarks of any globally competitive MBA program. If you want to retain a full- or part-time job, a part-time evening and weekend MBA will allow you to stay employed while you study; in fact, some employers will also help you pay for your tuition, as an employee with a graduate degree is a sought-after resource who is primed for upper-level positions, since their top-tier education has granted them extensive leadership and management training.

If you aim to study for an MBA at a world-renowned university, we recommend the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University, one of Canada’s most prestigious business and management campuses.

A little about Laurier

Laurier offers a superior teaching model, through its “Integrated Core” MBA. Laurier is the only business school that incorporates all eight of the core fundamental business courses in a seamless, holistic delivery style, which integrates the core elements of an MBA into a streamlined system designed to guide you through your education with direction and discipline.

The Integrated Core reflects exactly how the real world works, offering analysis of real-life case studies, the opportunity to compete in international case competitions, and with workshops that refine presentation skills.

If you want to pursue an MBA, find a school that is recognized by employers all over the world. The School of Business & Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). An MBA degree from Laurier is uniquely recognized around the world, as less than 5 percent of the world’s business schools have achieved this elite distinction.