Most countries are in quarantine these days due to coronavirus issue. However, if one is thinking about what to do during this quarantine period, then several online tasks are available for people to earn something extra.

This article points to the way where you can become a freelancer and earn money from your house easily during this quarantine period. So, without delay take a look at the different things you can do to make money from home.

1. Captioning or transcription

Captioning or transcription

All one needs to become a transcriber is a computer, internet, and headphones. It is all one needs to become a freelance captioning or transcribing professional. One can choose from hundreds of different tasks and can do it in his/her own time.

Being accurate and fast at typing will help one to earn quite well. Also, one can boost his/her skills by going through free tutorials and more which several websites offer.

2. Affiliate marketing and blogging

Affiliate marketing and blogging
Marketing and Blogging

It is a remarkable way for an individual to make some money through it might take some time for an individual to start making some. If an individual wants to generate passive income for the long-term, then the quarantine period serves ideally for such individuals to start it. It will offer ample time for affiliate marketing and blogging.

Numerous companies offer affiliate programs that one can join for affiliate marketing. However, for blogging all one needs is to time which one can get easily during this quarantine time.

3. Online customer service representative

Online customer service representative
Online Customer Service

MNCs and various other large scale businesses often hire freelance customer service individuals. If people are looking to work from home then this field is most accessible. People with ample patience as well as have no problem helping others by talking on the phone can opt for such work. Though other jobs might be more flexible, this is a great gig if one has experience in it.

4. Website Tester

Monitoring Website

This is an excellent passive earning approach for people stuck at home. It is simple work where one will have to complete a few simple tasks as mentioned by the employer. Pay is good and people can make over $1000 dollars in a month. All one needs is a computer, internet, and PayPal account. The trick is to sign up with as many companies as possible to earn more.

5. Virtual tutoring

LIve Teaching Tutorial

This is ideal for people who are fluent in foreign languages. Numerous online platforms offer individuals a chance to work with scholars who need extra attention. It is a flexible job where one can work on a need basis. With schools and colleges shut, virtual teachers have become high in demand these days. It is a great side gig to earn quite well.

6. Sell printing designs

Sell printing designs
Online Printing Selling Platform

If a person is proficient in creating digital art, then there are many companies that will buy such designs. The companies handle everything from shipping, printing to sales, and more. All individual needs are to simply upload designs for different products. If a customer purchases it, then a portion of that sale will be sent to the designer.

7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Working From Home

People with strong communication and organizational skills are perfect for becoming virtual assistants. This refers to office work which one can do from one’s house without any travels involved. Standard tasks include handling social media, maintaining calendars, editing content, replying to emails, etc. Many organizations are hiring virtual assistants these days through various freelancing platforms.

These are just some of the online jobs which you can opt for during the quarantine period. All you need is to create a freelancing account from your trusted smartphone, Computer and wait for the people to contact you to start making passive income every month. Start today!