Business organizations that are dependent on heavy workforce are difficult to handle in terms of productivity, litigation and as well as security risks. The heavy workforce should be accountable for the tasks they have been deployed on, otherwise, employers have to face serious issues and concerns due to lack of check and balance.

 Especially the workforce that usually works on the company’s owned digital devices likewise cell phones, gadgets, and others. There are plenty of activities that need to be under surveillance because the particular activities of employees on company’s equipment turn vulnerable such as email sent/received, data stored into the device, time-wasting activities that can cost productivity and malicious activities of disgruntled or dishonest employees.

So, employers have to make a check on their workforce to know the productivity, manage litigation issues and as well as to accidental or intentional security threats caused by the employees. So, modern technology these days have come up with the high –tech mobile monitoring software that empowers bosses to manage workers to the fullest.

Manage your workers with Mobile phone monitoring app 

Don’t show your concerns over workforce anymore; simply manage your workforce activities to the fullest with the use of cell phone spy app. Now questions arise how you can get it first and how you will be able to use it to keep the check on your employees effectively. All you need to follow the steps that I am going to tell you in the below then you will be able to manage your worker’s activities you just name it.

Step1: Subscribe for phone monitoring app

Firstly, you need to visit the official website of TheOneSpy official blog on the web and once you have searched it for. Now you probably know what you need to do further. Gets subscription online for cell phone monitoring app and prior to getting a subscription; you need to make sure about the compatibility.

Step2: Get Physical access on devices used by the workers

Now you need to get physical access on the target device and once you have the access on the target device that is compatible in terms of operating systems. Once you have got the access on the target device and get started with the process of installation. When you have ended up with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device.

 However, during the process of activation, you will see a pop –up on the screen. It will assist you in how you can hide the phone surveillance app on the target device. So, take advantage out of it if you do believe in secret surveillance on your workforce. Furthermore, you can ignore this pop –up or use it and then activate it on the target device.

Step3: Use credentials & get access to the web portal

When you have done with the process of activation successfully, then you simply you need to use the passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel. Once you have access to the electronic web portal then you simply visit the tools that enable the end user to manage workers each and every single activity happen on the companies owned devices.

So, you will be able to have such high –tech tools in terms of data security. It empowers the user to perform live screen recording on the company’s owned cell phones in real –time. Therefore, you can see your workforce live screen activities via Chrome screen recording, email screen recording, social media screen recording, password screen recording, and others.

All you can perform it with live screen recording tool. Moreover, you can read text messages with text messages monitoring app and further you can read SMS, MMS and get heads up notifications. Employers can record and listen to the incoming and outgoing calls with a secret call recorder of the mobile phone tracking app.

 In addition, you can get the logs of social media apps activities of your company’s cell phones provided to workers. You can get to know about messages, conversations, shared media such as photos and videos. Moreover, you can create data back –up for your cell phone, once you have installed the cell phone tracking software on the target device. All the data stored into the company’s mobile phones will automatically have a back –up on the cell phone surveillance app.


Use Mobile tracking apps on your workforce digital devices provided by the employees and keeps managing them in terms of data security, litigation and productivity to the fullest.