When you are planning to share some information with your potential customers and looking for enough space that will let you tell them what you want about your brand, product or service, brochures can be of great help for you. If you are planning to go for the best way to convey what you are going to say about your brand, but you don’t need the space that booklets and catalogs offer, then you can go for brochures. And to make the brochures attractive and compelling, it is necessary that you use the right fonts in the design.

Fonts not only make the brochures attractive and appealing but also make the content legible that will help you to convey the story of your brand. That is why it is important that you choose the fonts that are right for the brochures. It should not only match all the factors but also should maintain all the technical aspects. How? Take a look at the following points to know more before you order with an online printing company.

Ask Questions to Yourself

When you are choosing the right font for your brochures, make sure you are asking a few questions to yourself. First, try to figure out if the font aligns with the branding. The font should be suitable for your business. For example, if you are a service provider or a tech firm, italicized Sans Serif font will go best with the brand. If you are a dance studio or a café, you can use the elegant scripts that will complement your brand. Next, focus on the message you are delivering. If you are targeting the audience to sell your product, make the font look powerful. If you are working for some cause that you are explaining to your target audience, go for lighter fonts that will make the content look poignant. For an offer, choose the one that conveys excitement. For warning, choose reserved appeal. Next, you need to make sure that the font is also complementing the brochure design as well as legible so that the readers or the potential consumers won’t have to strain their eyes. Think of these factors before you hire a company for brochure printing.

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Think of the Weight

Every font has a weight which conveys the message for you. Now, if you pay attention you will find out that every font has many different weights that can set the mood of the brochure you are designing.  To create a cohesive and nuanced design, you need to think of the weight. For example, Future PT has 4 different weights such as light, oblique, book oblique and medium. So, when you are choosing the font, think of all these weights for the message and then choose the one that will suit your business as well as the message you are conveying. When you are planning to place your order with an online brochure printing company, upload the right font in the design so that it does the trick.

Understand the Font Usage

No matter whether you are going for custom brochure design or using the regular brochure templates, you need to understand the usage of the fonts you are selecting. For example, you need to know how bold sans sheriff font is perfect for headlines while medium weight sans sheriff is easier to read if it is used for the text body. Fonts can actually influence the behavior of the audience. So, choose them carefully.

Now as you know about these technical aspects, make sure you are keeping them in mind while choosing the fonts for your brochures. Hire a company for online printing California and you can discuss the plans with them too.

Author Bio: Shawn Nag is a famous blogger and Co-Founder of PrintPapa, a popular company for online printing California. He shares his extensive knowledge of banner, postcards, brochures, posters and brochure printing. Here he writes on fonts to choose while going for online brochure printing.