The other name of scaffolding is staging and also scaffold. These structures are constructed temporarily to help the work crew during the process of repairs of different man-made structures like the buildings, dams and also bridges. These are basically to get proper access to materials and areas that are placed at a certain height. To get them into the hands or work at those high areas these special structures are built.

If the scaffolding is unsafe then it may result in serious injuries or even sometimes death. These structures can also be used in some other places.

Some of them could be as follows:

  • Ski ramps
  • Formwork
  • Concept stages
  • Exhibition stands
  • Shoring
  • Half pipes
  • Viewing towers
  • Art projects
  • Grandstand seating

Type of structures is made:

  • The horizontal brace.
  • The ledger.
  • A base or a simple plate that is used as the base for bearing the load.
  • A component used for cross-section bracing.
  • A scaffold tie, these are basically to tie the structure tightly together.
  • The upright part also having connector joins are known as standards.
  • A decking platform used for working.
  • For enlarging the working platforms brackets are used.
  • To joint these components, a fitting is done known as the coupler.
  • Lastly, the component which keeps the batten, decking unit, and the board in its place is the transom

The specialized load-bearing structures for scaffolding could also include ladders, beams ladder which could be used to assent and decent the scaffold, bearing transoms, rubbish chutes which are used to extract or rather remove the unnecessary materials from the construction site or from the scaffold.

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The main purpose of these types of structures is to ensure complete safety by constructing safe platforms for working and access for the working units for the smooth functioning of their work. There are certain sets of requirements applied to the method of scaffolding. This is to be followed in all the construction projects. Though the materials used to construct this is dependent on the owner itself but it should be absolutely made of good quality material. If this is not made up of safe materials then it would surely collapse and cause serious injuries to the workers.

Materials used for scaffolding could be of different types: 

  • The most common materials used for scaffolding are the couplers, tubes and also boards.
  • For the baselines, lightweight tubes are used to construct one unit of the scaffold of 24 pounds.
  • The nuts and bolts are also needed.
  • The tubes are either made up of steel or aluminum. Sometimes tubes wounded with filaments are also used. These could be glass fiber in different matrix-like nylon or polyester.
  • If there are cables overhead and they are not isolated, then the scaffold may use steel.
  • The tubes are available in various lengths, but the most preferred length is about 48.3mm.
  • The main difference between the aluminum tubes and the metal ones is that it has a lower weight.

The boards on which the workers work is made quite broad. The thickness varies in different cases of construction projects. The three different sizes could be 38mm which is the common size and then comes 50mm and lastly is the 63mm thick board for working. The standard width could be 225mm and the length could be 3.9m long. Beneath the scaffolding, there are sole boards placed so that if the ones on the top collapse by chance then the surface below could save the platform from collapsing. When these structures are built on rubber then they are called a Scaff pad. So choose best scaffolding for your construction sites.