Irrespective of its size, driving a vehicle can be daunting, frustrating and even dangerous, if a driver is not very well aware of technicalities and legislations of driving. Showing carelessness while driving can put someone in hot water if he/she is driving abroad. You might have recently relocated to Qatar for a few months or you are here for a holiday or business trip, then leasing a vehicle will let you save good money from sky-high taxi fares. Don’t get surprised after watching loads of traffic running on the roads, as nearly every Qatari owns at least one car.

The Middle Eastern country is known to possess the largest ores of crude oil and natural gas, which enable this territory to stand among a few biggest suppliers of fuel in the world. However, the State government is continuously struggling not only to improve the condition of existing roads but also investing money to construct new roads. Keeping that in mind, you should prepare yourself to drive among the cluster of a wide range of automobiles from SUVs and small cars.

Here I am sharing few essential driving tips that can help anyone while moving an automobile in the city.

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What you should not do?

Before discussing tips, I would like to tell you what you should strictly avoid while driving in this territory. Don’t use bad language, hand gestures, and aggressive behavior to show that you have lost temper.  Qataris have zero tolerance for drunk driving.  Behave confidently and don’t lose attention by flashing headlights and honking horns.

Drive safely but don’t be frighten

Although, it is suggested to drive safely not only to defend yourself but also to protect other automobiles running back, front and on both sides. While driving, never ignore the back and side mirrors, as it is necessary to keep a close eye on them to avoid mishaps.  Expect the worst of action from other drivers; stay alert to tackle problematic situations. You may encounter with a careless driver indicating to turn right while moving straight or turning left. If you have decided to rent a car Doha, then choose it wisely. Always pick the one that doesn’t stress you out while driving.

Don’t mind to pay penalties

Like every modern territory, the State Government and traffic police have implemented legislations, which obligate vehicle owners to pay fines or penalties upon parking at no parking area and breaking any rule. Whether you break signal or speed limit or you are caught using a mobile phone while driving, you have to pay the mentioned amount as fine. Road cameras are placed around Doha to monitor any violence in speed limits. However, paying a fine can protect you from jails and court; you may even expel from the country if they find you under the influence of alcohol.

Documents you need to carry while driving

You might have hired a car at Doha airport, and planning to drive on your own, it is necessary to check whether you have all the necessary documents that include driving license, vehicle registration documents, and insurance documents. At least a driving license is a must for driving. Traffic police are patrolling frequently to check such documents. Irrespective of the country you belong to, the territory accepts licenses across the world as long as they are original. What you need to do is to apply for a temporary license in the city, if you have plans to extend your stay for more than a week.

Summary: You might be a licensed holder driver who exactly knows all about driving a vehicle; these simple tips will empower you to drive safely even if you are not driving abroad in a foreign country like Qatar.