Web hosting is much more critical to an online business that many would believe. It can be a factor that makes or breaks the fortunate of a company on the web. If you don’t choose the right web hosting provider, it might result in loss of sales and revenues which can greatly affect your overall business. You should also know that downtown can shoo away visitors, impact your bottom line and ultimately eat into your prospects. 

It’s therefore important to trust a web hosting provider with care and choose the one that guarantees speed, reliability, and security to your website on a 24×7 basis. You need a dependable partner for putting your website on the web in lieu of monthly hosting fees so that your business potential could be realized. You should never forget that your business ROI will depend on the effective of the web hosting company you align with. 

You should also know that – 

  • Your business will lack consistency in performance and have unwanted downtime if your web hosting provider offers unreliable service  
  • Your business may lose the sale if there is a glitch in the web server due to your poor selection of a web host provider
  • Web hosting can affect your online business in more ways than you could imagine, so take time and search before signing up with a provider 

Here are some of ways in which web hosting can affect your online business –

1. Speed of web pages

There is a direct link between web load speed and conversions. If your web pages load faster, customers are then more likely to visit them and do transactions. To get the best possible web page speed, you should check with the web hosting provider the type of packages they offer and whether an upgrade is needed on your part. You can choose between shared hosting and virtual private server (VPS) depending on the need of the business and get the desired level of memory & disk space, CPU to achieve speed and performance. 

2. Security of your website

The security of your website will always be on a shaky ground unless you choose a right web hosting provider. Hackers and cyber criminals these days have become advanced and they can use the web host to enter your site and compromise with its security. Good web hosting providers do understand this challenge and have in place reliable malware and vulnerability scanners to keep away any code tried by hackers. You must also ask the hosting to provider about their plan for data backup, data storage and security measures for your website. 

3. SEO rankings of your website

Page speed is a ranking factor and Google rewards faster pages with higher SEO rankings than slower ones. The speed of your web pages will also affect the online visibility of your mobile websites. This is where you need to check with the web hosting provider the ways used to ensure standard speed to your web pages. You need to trust web hosting packages that promise a fast site and good uptime and solid SEO so that the rankings of your site in search engines never get affected. 

4. Website uptime

Your website will be productive as long as it’s up and running on the web. Website downtime can harm your business prospects a great lot as it negatively affects SEO. In fact, the overall performance of your business/website will depend on the uptime or downtime the site experiences. You must check with the web hosting provider the steps initiated to check website downtime and based on the information you should choose the host. You should never pay to a web host that lacks strategies for website downtime. 

5. DNS

DNS or Domain Name System is something you should never ignore while selecting a web host provider. It’s basically a directory meant for translating domain names into IP addresses. Even if DNS is linked to the website host, this does not mean you can overlook it because your site won’t work if DNS is down. It’s always a good decision to upgrade from standard to premium DNS services so that there is an automatic switch to other servers in case yours one is down.    

6. Web Monitoring

It’s important to check with your web hosting provider the kind of web monitoring provided by them. Because your site’s overall performance and security will get affected if a quality web monitoring is not in place. After all, you need a system that allows you the privilege of monitoring the network anytime and from any place in the world.  The system should be such to send alerts for any issue so that the risks could be stopped from affecting customers. You can easily trust an experienced digital marketing company for selecting the best web hosting provider for your website.