Fed up in your current job? Been unemployed for a while now? Just gained a new qualification?

All of these are great reasons to create a new, updated CV that will grab the attention of the person reading it. Standing out is really important as research suggests that recruiters only spend around 10 seconds reading through each CV. It is for this reason that you need to make sure you avoid the common pitfalls that result in your CV falling at the first hurdle. Following these tips will hopefully make sure you are one of the lucky ones, rather than the hundreds of rejected ones!

Do not provide irrelevant personal information

Unless you are providing information that you believe will directly result in you getting the job, then don’t bother telling them what your favorite color is.

Check your CV for spelling and grammar

This should be obvious, but it is surprisingly easy to forget. Triple check your work and always ask someone else to proofread it for you.

Avoid a meaningless introduction

If you replace the standard opening paragraph that everyone uses with a punchy headline then you are far more likely to capture the interest of the recruiter.

Do not format your CV badly

It is more likely that your CV will be read on screen before it is printed, therefore it needs to look good and be easy to read on a screen.

Don’t make it too long

Make sure you keep it to a maximum of 2 pages and avoid waffling. If it runs over this then it means you have either had a lot of jobs or you are unable to write concisely – both of which are not desirable

Do not lie or mislead

There is a difference between describing yourself in the best light and lying, keep in mind that an employer can do a Google search to check what you have written. Also, the employer will ask you in-depth questions during your interview that may trip you up and make you look bad.

Do not have any unexplained gaps in employment

This is a big no-no and will leave employers wondering why you had such a long time with no work. It can make employers nervous and unwilling to hire you.

Do not bury the important information

Make all of your important achievements and skills really stand out so the employer can find them in the least time possible.

Do not apply for the wrong position

Make sure you read the job description carefully and are not just applying because you like the salary or the location. You will be wasting the recruiter’s times, and more importantly your own time.

Do not send your CV until it feels right

Your CV has a very important job that it needs to do in a short amount of time. It needs to look attractive and be formatted properly to make the recruiter take notice. If you are lucky they will then spend more time going over what you have written rather than just the initial skim.

Your CV is one of the most important things you will ever create. It has to be a true reflection of you, as well as being able to create a lasting impression that will result in you getting a job. Never rush your CV and always have someone you trust at hand to read what you have done.