Saudi Arabia is becoming an employment hub for all the highly skilled and well-qualified professionals across the world. Each year, thousands of expats are coming to this Kingdom to join the workforce and enjoy the lavish lifestyle and earn hefty amounts of money. Jobs in this place are rewarding both in terms of lifestyle and money although Saudi Arabia a little conservative. In this post, we will be sharing a few good reasons that why we should be exploring the Job Market in Saudi Arabia.

As the government is concentrating on diverting the big dependence from petroleum reserves, there is another scope for growth in the Middle Eastern economy which includes finance, tourism, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate. Jobs in Saudi Arabia are witnessing a persistent increase as huge numbers of companies set up in the country are looking for proficient employees to work with them. This is the reason millions of job opportunities are available for expatriates benefiting both the employers and the professionals.

Let us now see the 10 main reasons to consider Saudi Arabia Job Market:

1. More than 60 percent of Saudi recruiters who were surveyed are looking for new candidates in the next three months, and about 70 percent of the organizations have about 10 new positions to fill.

2. In Saudi Arabia somewhere around 50 percent of the surveyed employees claims to be “quite satisfied” with their job.

3. If we talk recognition received at working place, 20 percent of the employees are “satisfied extremely”, while 20 percent are “satisfied extremely” with the work hours and about 16 percent are “satisfied extremely” with the support they get from their colleagues.

4. People in Saudi Arabia are offered good packages. According to a survey, about 40 percent of the professionals feel the package offered in places like Riyadh is quite competitive as compared to other cities.

5. Almost every employee in Saudi Arabia is receiving benefits with their basic salary, which makes it a quite aspired type of pay structure. Incentives which can be expected include performance-based (61 percent), or development courses and professional training (46 percent). Commission (27 percent) and holiday allowances or foreign trips (24 percent) are also popular incentives.

6. Happiness is the most important element that Saudi Arabia offers. In fact, it comes before better pay and a better job. This place ranks highly on plenteous metrics related to the general welfare.

7. Those living in Saudi Arabia are ranking the country highly on metrics which include the availability of utilities (electricity, drinking water, etc.), general safety and security and stability of the political environment.

8. More than 40 percent of the professionals there feel that their standard of living is ‘average’, more than 25 percent claims to be ‘better, and the remaining feels ‘much better’. This means residents in Saudi Arabia are enjoying a high standard of life.

9. If we talk about the cost of living and affordability and in the MENA region, 3 in 10 professionals go for Riyadh.

10. In terms of satisfaction and being able to maintain healthy personal relationships with others, Saudi Arabia gets a percentage of about 61 percent.

In Saudi Arabia demand for knowledgeable and qualified professionals is as follows

  • Business Management 34 percent
  • Engineers 30 percent
  • Administration 27 percent

Therefore, if you have always wanted to go and explore the Middle East, working there could be a good reason. Jobs in Saudi Arabia seek high demand of skilled professionals, especially from people in the Asian countries. With a diverse mix of culture from people across countries of the world, living and working in Saudi can be a real treat to your life.