MBA and then a job in a Bluechip MNC- mission accomplished. This is what the common thinking of youth these days to define their success. What about the people who prepare the new-age leaders and managers by mentoring the MBA aspirants i.e. the MBA faculty? If all MBA degree holders go for handling the responsibilities of elite professionals then who is going to involve in the noble profession of teaching the MBA aspirants? Nowadays, the teaching job is not only rewarding in terms of respect but also monetarily. The scope for growth of MBA faculty is as equal as a manager in MNC. With the establishment of many management institutions, the management faculty jobs in Jaipur have been witnessing a surge.  

Let’s know how promising the future with management faculty job is:

Respectable Career

The job of a faculty is highly respectable- there is no denying the fact. Especially in a country like India where mentor is given position ahead of god, many academicians lure for the faculty jobs. The respect one gains in the profession of teaching is one of the major reasons professionals are turning towards the field of academics.

Career Growth

In terms of career growth, the faculty jobs are no less than the elite professionals’ growth in an MNC. In fact, being an academician the learning quotient is more expanded and based on experiential knowledge. Interactive classes with students and answering their different queries make the job challenging as well interesting for the faculty.

Career Stability

There is no better job than a faculty if we talk about the career stability. Even in large MNCs, the job remains on edge of the sword whereas the picture is completely different for a faculty. No hard targets; they just need to perform their duty of mentoring the students sincerely and honestly. And, the job goes on till the time they retire.

Relaxing Job

Be it job hours, level of pressure, meeting deadlines, etc. – on every parameter, the job of a faculty is much more relaxing than that of other professionals. Albeit it’s a relaxing job, but the responsibility of a faculty member is very huge to shape up the future of the students. Hence, while serving as a faculty, the challenges never stop appearing on the way.

The above discussion shows how promising is the career in management faculty job. According to a visiting management faculty of JK Lakshmipat University, Gustavo Sanchez, the opportunities for management faculty jobs in Jaipur and anywhere else in India are growing in leaps and bounds. Mr. Gustavo Sanchez also added to his statement that it’s all because of management education fad, the colleges offering MBA programs are increasing in numbers and they need well-qualified faculty to train the new-age leaders. Now when the management faculty jobs are promising a bright future then the inclination of professionals towards academics is obvious. If you are seeking a career after MBA then academics should also be on your list.

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