Kids are big-time adventurers with no information about their next step. But this attitude invites many unanticipated situations. How do they call for help? Can they send a “pick me alert” to their parents? How does the Bit Guardianparental control app for android work? Let’s find out!

Why do kids fall in trouble while traveling?

Curiosity is another name for a kid. And the best way to quench the thirst is by taking the road less traveled (literally). 

Your explorers may find new adventures and experience on their path but with a high chance of encountering severe issues such as road mishaps, unidentified ways, wrong turns, no transportation or a broken-down vehicle. The problem can be even more trivial like missing the school bus (you better find out why), and they would need you to come ASAP to pick them up. 

Even camping sites for that matter are tricky. You may have sent your kid with a group, yet your child loses way and gets separated from the herd. Your kid may need help but may not be to describe the location where he/she is lost. What to do you do then?

Kids often fall in such emergencies and are unprepared to face it without help. One way to go about the matter is by always staying close to parents (which does not seem like a logical option) or if kids have a tool that can send an alert to the parent with their current location. So, what would you prefer for your child?

Bit Guardian Parental Control Pick Me Alert with Google Map

Get a child’s location on Google Map using the Pick Me Alert option in Bit Guardian Parental Control app

The Pick Me button works as an innovative tool to intimate the parent that the child needs help from a specific location. Ideal case to use the feature is in the absence of a commute option. However, with the introduction of the child’s location on the Google Map, your kid can use it anytime to ask for help. 

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The child device has the Pick Me button right below the SOS button, which is easily visible to the eyes.

If there isn’t an emergency but just a request to get picked up from a location, then this app is the best choice. 

Pick Me button works best when the GPS location settings of the child device are switched on and is on high accuracy. So, remember to teach your kids to keep the location switched on whenever they step out of the house. 

Why should I choose Bit Guardian Parental Control app over others in the market?

In the fast-changing world of the app market, one is bound to fall in a zone of confusion while evaluating similar apps. To make your search easy for the best tracking app in the Android market, we present you certain evidence that will change your mind:

1.    Bit Guardian Parental Control is a newcomers app. One of the most user-friendly parental control in the market with no use of manual or customer support. Right from installation to the controls -extremely easy to use. With comprehensive descriptions and FAQs, you are good to go without any assistance.

2.    The GPS tracking not only enables Pick Me Alert, but it also offers SOS, Geofencing, Location Finder, and an unusual capability of keeping a check on the over speeding habits of teens. SOS button is as smooth as the Pick Me Alert. However, it comes useful during a life-threatening emergency. 

  • Pick Me Alert
  • Location Finder
  • Geofencing
  • Locate Device
  • Over speeding alert
  • Panic

3.    Simple user-interface makes the app even more appealing. The app is clear and consistent throughout. Unlike other parental control apps, the simplicity of the app gives more reasons for users to stay. The app is entirely user-controlled and has no interference from the system.

4.    The app features robust reporting to get a hold of your kid’s activities. The main idea behind the app is to keep track and observe a pattern in their businesses. For example: requesting the addition of a new app.

5.    With the 7-day Free trial period, one can satisfactorily test the premium version and decide on purchase (which we can assure you will).

Most parents are indecisive about kid’s upbringing choices. And it is entirely understandable. However, with the screen time limit, there should not be any mistake and confusion. Where kid’s health is at stake, parents need to make a wise and quick choice, and what better than going ahead with a renowned mobile Android app

Install the Bit Guardian Parental Control App and save your kid’s health from degrading because of excessive screen time