MBA goes more advanced with its better version and newer concept of Mini MBA. Following the changing scenarios in the job market, Mini MBA comes as a blessing to those who wish to enter into leading companies without wasting much of their time.

Off lately in its educational meet discussed the Mini MBA and the future prospects of the course. High education is a mandate today to bag better career opportunities. The job market, especially in countries like India which depicts a developing trend, goes competitive therefore aspirants enrolling for professional courses find it hard to cope with the mainstream courses offered on a full-time basis. In fact, they are looking for educational opportunities which assure them business training sessions that upgrade their skills and discusses the trends both at the national and international level but within a restricted timeframe.

What is My Bschool?

MyBschool is India’s largest online B School. It has over 5 lakh students registered with approximately 1 million learning hours each month. The vision of ThinkBigEdu is to empower the global student base and facilitate them with sound teaching practices. Students have the privilege to draw experience from the best faculties of management regardless of the institution, time and location turning an impediment to the learning process. The online MBA model has open up better avenues with lifelong learning and skill development programs.

The platform has the partnership with premium companies’ catty-corners and affirms sound placement sessions.

Is Mini MBA Effective?

Mini MBA is gradually making its way but still, the effectiveness of the course is bound to raise apprehensions.

BasicallyMini MBA is a term imported from foreign lands but has great future in countries like India. Youngsters nowadays don’t feel the need for spending exorbitant in the fees, in fact, they want quick results and something which has no positive results allied to it, goes out of fashion. Same is the scenario of the MBA, the discipline which offers a professional degree in two years span of time, but how about getting the same learning experience in three months. Definitely, it is a wish comes true.

Mini MBA is a condensed version of Full-fledged MBA degree. The content of the MBA program is created by IIM Ranchi. The online Mini MBA from MyBschool would provide basics about the current scenario in business, theories, and practices. Students will have access to the variety of fields like chain management, training, and human resource.

Students enrolling for the course will be taught and trained in diversified subjects for 100 days. MBA education comprises certification in following courses:-

  • Human Resource
  • Financial Management
  • Business Administration
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Productions and Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurship Management

Apart from the Mini course, students can also take up diploma courses for 11 months. The biggest advantage of the course is that the certificate has equivalent weight as compared to the two-year degree course and has wide acceptance in the industries and companies across.

Benefits of Online Mini MBA

Primarily the course provides a robust career path within the restricted time span and at the same time, the fee structure kept for online aspirants is far low than the daily scholars. Secondly, students have the privilege to study through video lectures and live classes conducted weekly. Therefore any questions and queries can be immediately resolved.

The scope of Mini MBA

Sharing the same platform as the traditional MBA, the mini version too ensures wide career opportunities to the aspirants. Students securing certification in the course can apply in leading companies in various positions. The salary offered varies with the position applied for and the roles and responsibilities shared. Excellent placement sessions provide the opportunity to work and learn from top corporates of the nation.