Nowadays, lifestyle is changing totally, as everything has turned over
into hash tag (#). Everyone has started using filters in their pictures as well
as in their life. Everyone is more focused on doing things for public
appearance without even thinking about the consequences.

As it said, children always follow the footsteps of their parents and we are living in 21st century so kids are adopting more bad activities then good one. Though we all agree that social networking sites have both faces, it is totally on the children that how they use it or sometimes even the surroundings can put a big impression also.

However, in today’s period, learning places are showing more focus on digital study, as they want the children to adopt new leaning application and computer from the early age. However, the purpose of schools and colleges is very genuine, as they want their country to become more digitalise. 

Admittedly, when adolescents or pupil use online sites for their study purpose and suddenly an ineffectual link pop ups and in the curiosity of knowing that thing, they go to that site in just a simple click. This is the biggest reasons of distraction and even sometimes, they do not want to use any another side but at the time they try to cross the link, they directly go to that page.

Causes of new media

Media platforms are promoting each and everything that attracts today’s generation a lot and that can affect their study. They do not bother that many kids even spending their pocket money just downloading the games or in paying for the cyber hubs where they utilize their plenty of time.

People will get shock to know that some of the students even take loans just to get the new app or to get new clothes to get in the limelight on social media. That can cost them a lot in which it is difficult to manage the financial expenses.

Loans are for your financial crisis which comes unwontedly, but as kids are not aware with the causes of it, they borrow money from direct lender even if they have the issue of bad credit score. They feel happy with having easy approval on very bad credit loans with no guarantor these days when they come to repay it, they get stacked in the middle. Either, their family pays for them or they ask help for someone and in all these mess what affects the most is there study and education on which their parents have invested a lot.

As some of them come from good background or low in both the cases, parents have some dreams for their kids even many of them have very bright plans for future but when they saw other kids doing the things, they also get manipulate.

Even though, many times they start making new friends on social media that can influence them to take such bad things, which can affect their mind and health on a bad note.

Some of the good side of Media

Generally, people are not aware with the benefits, as now if you can get the student loan within in a simple process with the help of digital media.

Media offers you many things, as within a simple step you can prompt your loans if someone in need they can get back to them. There are many students, who want education loans to complete their dreams of studying abroad.

Students have many dreams that sometimes they have to keep them back into the box of dreams, as they do not have the proper knowledge that they can also take the financial help. These types of loans have specially made for the upcoming age group, which can give them a back support.

To conclude

Social media is great source to gain knowledge but many people take it in a wrong way. However, the new age band has a totally different mindset. They want to get popular as soon as they can, in front of everyone.

They are not aware that being famous sometimes can cost them a lot as it affects their study on a bad note. They should have the knowledge how to use the things properly in the right manner that will not affect their studies and life.