Owning a house or a piece of property is a dream of a lot of people. Most of them aim to fulfill their wish by taking home purchase loans. Taking a mortgage is a good option as it is difficult for the majority of the people to arrange all the money needed to buy such an asset. A home loan allows them to make the purchase and pays the debt through monthly installments. However, buyers need to be prudent while using this route to acquire a property. The need to prepare themselves financially as well as mentally for the process. Apart from identifying suitable property options they also need to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a bank or home loan finance company. The following suggestions will help prospective homebuyers in planning ahead and making adequate preparations for taking the loan.

1. Never Borrow More Than Your Repaying Capacity

The first thing that anyone looking to purchase a house is to make honest and extensive self-assessmentof his/her financial position. This is necessary to understand what kind of debt they can afford to repaywithout too many hassles. Investors must calculate their assured monthly income and list their currentfinancial obligations. They must also think about any upcoming major expenses like a wedding in thefamily. This will give an idea about the kind of amount they can take as loan. This kind of assessment isnecessary to make a sensible decision which will help save money for other purposes.

2. Aim To Keep The Loan Term Short

Many people opt for the maximum permissible tenure for their home loans. The primary reason behindsuch a decision is low equated monthly installments (EMIs). However, what they do not understand isthat in long-term mortgages, the interest outgo will always be high. The longer the term, the higher thecompound interest they will be paying to the creditor. Many people are forced to choose a longertenure as they are incapable of repaying the loan early. Such customers must increase their EMI amountevery year so that they clear their debts quickly.

3. Provide Protective Insurance Cover To Family

Anyone who takes a home loan must purchase an insurance term plan of the same amount. This will actas a protective cover for their family in case something unfortunate happens to them. In case, the loan isunpaid and the debtor’s dependents are unable to repay it then the creditor will possess the property. Aregular term plan will not put too much of a burden and will help dependents fulfill the borrower’sobligations.

4. Maintain A Clean Credit History

The chances of applying successfully for any kind of loans depend upon the applicant’s creditworthiness. It is essential that the borrower has a clear credit record. Creditors like banks and other financial institutions check the financial history of a person before approving loans. They see whether the applicant has a habit of paying bills and EMIs for past loans on time or not. Bounced check transaction or a substantial unpaid debt usually deter them from giving approvals. People looking to apply for home purchase loans must clear all their outstanding debts and ensure they have not defaulted on anypayments in the past.

5. Identify A Suitable Financing Partner

There is intense competition in the market and all banks and housing finance companies are trying tocorner the most number of clients. Prospective buyers must compare the rates and plans offered by all entities before making their decision. They must also check the kind of offers the companies have forfirst-time home buyers. In case, applicants have a good credit profile and they fulfill all the criteria of alender, then they are pre-approved for a loan. This gives them extra room to negotiate with the creditorfor loans at more favorable terms.

6. Read All The Terms And Conditions

Most people know that they must not sign any kind of document without reading it properly. However, a lot of them sign a loan agreement without going through it extensively. This can cause problems in the future as they will miss clauses which will not be favorable for them. Applicants must carefully read all the terms and conditions of an agreement. In case, they are unable to understand something, they must ask a trusted advisor to help them out. It will be sensible to engage a professional financial consultantwho will go through the fine print and identify inappropriate clauses. Borrowers must check the antecedents of the lender and make inquiries about its reputation in the market. They must also learn in detail about the entire loan-granting procedure of an organization before filing an application for the purpose.


Planning in advance and researching the available home purchase loan options will help buyers smoothly negotiate the entire process. It will help them successfully apply for a loan which does notcontain any unfair terms.

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