The UK unemployment rate was just 4 percent in June 2018; it is the lowest since the last couple of years. A significant drop in the numbers of unemployed was noticed between January to March 2018. Against this bright side, the other side of the coin is that people are leaving the job for a better-salaried job or more people are waiting longer for getting a suitable job. The unemployment period has become relatively longer during the last couple of years. So, what is the income source to meet out a living and other expenses during the unemployment period? The ‘loans for unemployed’ is the most expected answer from the majority of the unemployed. True.  Should you depend upon this to be paid for the facility? How much should you depend upon borrowing during unemployment? Is there any alternative to avoid borrowing?

Should You Depend Upon Unemployed Loan?

In the first go, the answer is – yes. Numbers of direct lenders having an online presence offers this credit facility. Most of the applicants get loan approval. Leading lenders like British Lenders claim for 100% approval rate. Once you accept the proposal you can get loans for unemployed even if you have bad credit, funds will transfer to the bank account by the next day. You hardly need to do any documentation or to hire a mediator. Can you get a loan with unemployment status without the guarantee? Yes, no guarantor instant decision unemployed loans are also available. If you are an adult UK citizen, you are a good candidate for borrowing from private lending agencies.

How Much Should You Depend Upon Borrowing Unemployment?

The longer than expected jobless period turn the people towards private loan stores. The facility is readily available also but at a cost. Here comes the question about how much dependency. Private borrowing is meant for meeting emergency expenses if you don’t have any other alternative to arrange the required funds. You can depend upon this anytime credit facility. The cost is the prime concern that often forces to think otherwise. If you have no other way to get small cash help immediately to meet out short-term requirement, you can opt to borrow from online loan stores during unemployment. The maximum repayment period is about 12 months.

Are There Any Alternatives To Avoid Borrowing?

  • The UK Govt. offer attractive JSA benefits every week to help the jobless people live financially stress-free. The ‘new style’ JSA is available for unemployed who have paid Class 1 National Insurance contributions in the last 2 to 3 years. The 18 to 24 years age unemployed person can get £57.90 per week. If you were more than 24 years ago, you are entitled to get £73.10. You can get even more depending upon your family status. The prime benefit is an extended repayment period unless you start earning.
  • Borrowing from credit union too may be an alternative to an unemployed loan. The borrowing from credit unions is easy provided you are a member of this credit union. This facility is good for the people who have lost their job because of either reason and are expecting a new job within a few days. The APR is comparatively low.
  • Borrowing from the community friend or family member is also an alternative that you can consider for small amount borrowing. However, it transfers more rigid responsibility to repay on time without fail. The benefit is the low-interest rate or no interest rate, but the short-term is the major hurdle. If you are sure to repay on time, it is a good option because it doesn’t get reflected on the credit report.

How to Make Loans for Unemployed with Bad Credit Cheaper?

The credit score plays a significant role in deciding the cost of any loan. If you are bad credit score holder with jobless status, the risk of non-payment on the time increases; therefore, lender charges more to cover that risk. Still, you can manage to reduce the effective cost:

    • Optimise and review the needs
    • Start the process earlier to have enough time for comparison and negotiation
    • Deal only with FCA regulated lender
    • Plan a budget to pay monthly instalment
    • Plan for a secured unemployed loan
    • Avoid any possibility of penalty or fee
  • Keep trying to borrow from alternative sources and repay the costlier loan earlier.