Numerous brands have launched their smartphones globally and are competing with one another for acquiring the highest number of users. Apart from popular brands like Samsung, Apple, etc. there are other brands in the market which most people are leaning towards nowadays. One of the names that are making a wave worldwide is Xiaomi. This brand offers popular android smartphone which is appealing to users worldwide.

Through this article, you will come to know about some of the questions which users might have in their mind like is it reliable, quality of phone, and other questions. So, have alook at these in detail!

Xiaomi phone security issues

Xiaomi phone security issues
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One of the biggest questions which most potential buyers of this brand have is the security issue. There has been a lot of misinformation flowing around the internet which leads people to believe that it is not a safe device to use.

However, the truth is further from this. Through various inspections and other tests, Xiaomi phones are created which leads to it being quite a superior phone in the Android smartphone market. Under security issues, two primary questions which concerns people are:

1. Are Xiaomi phones spying?

One of the reasons which lead people to believe such absurd information is due to the fact that it has servers in China where information is backed up. Due to its cloud service aspect of backing up data, the company confirmed that the backup takes place on servers present in China.

The same question about backing up data rose when press conference for Mi3 was being launched. It was clearly stated that the backup was being done in cloud servers of Amazon to avoid any doubt in people’s mind. Hence, it is not true that Xiaomi phones spy on its users.

2. Can Xiaomi phones be trusted?

In short, yes people can trust Xiaomi phones. What many people might not know is that it is world’s fourth largest smartphone manufacturer. This brand’s phones are considered top tier devices worldwide and are being used by millions of users globally.

Is Xiaomi phones reliable?

Is Xiaomi phones reliable
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Of course they are reliable. As mentioned above, Xiaomi is fourth largest smartphone manufacturer globally. Before it, only three brands stands in the list, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. From built quality to software technology; all are considered to be top tier by users.

1. Are Xiaomi phones of good quality?

Yes, these phones are of superior quality which one can know if they go through reviews about its built quality, software, performance, updates, battery, and more. Due to its exceptional built quality and performance, it is considered to be one of the most trusted smartphone brands worldwide.

Apart from other factors, what attracts the people most about these phones is their design as well as battery power. Depending on usage, one can easily get SOT of 9 hours max. However, it comes with a backup of 2 days in all Xiaomi phones. Hence, amazing battery life is what Xiaomi smartphones users always enjoy.

2. How good is Xiaomi’s built quality?

Each phone comes with an outstanding build. Though only some of them come with astonishing designs but all have a sturdy built. If one compares companies like Motorola, then a Xiaomi phone costs a maximum of 50% less than other companies but comes with a complete metal body. Thus, the built quality of Xiaomi is far superior to its competitors. Hopefully, all the answers mentioned here will clear all doubts and questions which most people have about Xiaomi phones. Hence, all you need now is to simply get one for yourself and check out the facts instead of listening to what people have to say.