Apple is primarily popular for their smarthphone iPhone. It is used by millions of people around the world though it is much more expensive than any other smartphone in the market. Now one might ask why iPhone is such a costly item. Well, there are numerous reasons for Apple’s smartphones to cost so high.

This article explains the reasons, which is its hardware and software along with other related topics which will help one to understand why it is expensive as well as understand why it is the most trusted smartphone brand. Have a look!

How secure iPhone is?

secure iPhone
World Most Secure Smartphone

When compared with Android phones, the operating system iOS from Apple has been always regarded as more secure because it is a closed system. App developers don’t get Apple’s source code. Moreover, users of the iPhone are not allowed to modify the code on iPads and iPhones. Hence, this leads to hackers having difficulty to hack in a device as it is not at all easy to find any vulnerability on such iOS devices. Have a look at security and more in detail!

iOS Security

iOS World Most Secure Operating System

The central aspect of iOS is system security. It leads to having software, as well as hardware, integrated securely with one another which makes it quite secure and reliable. Hence, it can be stated that Apple’s products are quite highly secure.

Now coming to booting process; this operating software uses “secure boot chain” mechanism which makes sure that no software is compromised. In addition, it also checks that whether the operating system is running on validated iOS phone, iPad, etc.

Throughout the entire process this mechanism checks whether next part is signed and validated by Apple. It moves forward only after verification of this succeeds. Furthermore, it also offers excellent protection to the data stored in a device,through 256 bit encryption.

Can Apple be hacked?

Not Possible to Hack Apple’s iPhone

One of the biggest questions which come to mind of people before buying an iPhone is that whether one can hack it. Truthfully speaking, any phone, tablets, and computers can be hacked by a proficient hacker if he/she have enough time and resources at his/her disposal. Hence, Apple is not immune from that.

Though Apple products can be hacked, there is no need to worry about it at all. Apple products with operating systemiOS,is far more secure than any other OS in the market. As long as people take sufficient precautions most hackers will find it difficult to break into one’s Apple products.

Why is iPhone expensive than Android?

Apple iPhone too Expensive Compare to Android

Now coming to the biggest question of all; why is iPhone so much costlier than most Android devices? The answer is quite simple on this one just take a look at the points below:

  • Security: One of the reasons iPhones cost much more than Android phones is due to their security. It is built on a closed system which is why it is more than difficult for any hacker to break into it.
  • Customer service: Another reason Apple’s smartphones charges so much is due to service they provide. They offer customer service which no other Android smartphone company offers.
  • OS updates: Apple continuously keeps updating their operating software for their new as well as older models. After introducing a new model, for the next 3 to 4 years they keep on offering updates for the older version which no Android brand does.
  • Reliability:Apple phones in the market are much more reliable than Android phones irrespective of what company manufactures it.
  • After sales service: Apart from customer service, Apple offers the best after sales service in the market.

So, this is why the iPhone is always costlier than Android phones. However, this doesn’t mean that Android phones such as Xiaomi smartphones and others are not good enough for using!