Lots of people are working in the United States but not as U.S. citizens. Those people are here under various kinds of documentation like H1b visa and Green card. Check out more details about it:

What is H1B Visa?

H1B Visa
Official Information on April 2020

The H1B is a Visa in U.S. under the Immigration and Nationality Act, section 101(a)(15) (H) allows U.S. employers,in specializedprofessions to workas foreign workers. Any individual having H1B Visa should be used by their employer to keep the status of the H1B Visa active.

What is a Green Card?

Official Information on April 2020

The green card stands for the permit for immigrants allowingresiding in the U.S. and work permanently. Officially, the green card is known as the “Lawful Permanent Resident Card” of U.S. The bureaucratic name is Form: I-551. “Permanent Residents” is also the name of Green cardholders.

Difference between H1B Visa and Green card?

Both H1B Visa and green card are permitted for non-immigrants residing at U.S. where H1B Visa is for the employers and green card is for permanent dwellers in the U.S. Let’s check more about the two-

Work authorization:

The work authorization of H1B Visa and Green Card are

H1B Visa

The H1B Visa is a visa that allows U.S. based company to hire employees that are non-immigrants and are being hired to work for special occupations. The employer needs to be a graduate employee who is expertise in the field of technical or theoretical in sectors of finance, I.T., architecture, accounting, mathematics, science, engineering, medicine etc. Any job that requires having a bachelor’s degree comes under H1B Visa for a specialty occupation.

If any individual does not have the degree, they would needshowing equivalent degree through work experience or other equivalent degrees.

Green Card

A green card is a permit allowing for non-immigrants to stay at the U.S. permanently. They canremaininthe U.S. and work permanently without any hindrance. By having a green card,an individual is always allowed to work in the U.S. legally. Even if the green card expires the individual would still be considered as a lawful permanent resident.

Length of Stay Requirements:

H1B Visa

A foreign worker can stay in the U.S. having H1B Visa for a maximum of six years. Initially,it’s valid for 3 years and after that it can be extended for more 3 years.

Green Card

A green card holder becomes a permanent resident of the U.S. who is a non-immigrant.


The travels for H1B Visa and green card holders are

H1B Visa-

An individual can travel outside the U.S.if the Visa is valid and can get back to the U.S. within the valid time of the Visa.

Green Card-

A green card holder can travel outside the U.S. for 6 months without losing the green card.

Rights and Privileges:

The rights and privileges for H1B Visa and Green card are

H1B Visa-

  • Have a copy of all documents that state the position of an individual’s work status that includes I-797, I-94 etc.
  • Have a copy of the documents of your employers and receive remuneration for work done.
  • Have a copy of the employer’s documents to hire a foreigner.
  • Seek an extension of the Visa if all the requirements meet.

Green Card-

  • It allows the resident to stay permanently unless they commit something under immigration law.
  • The residents can work at any legal workplace of U.S. as per their qualification and recruitments.
  • The residents are protected under the law of the United States, the state of residence and local jurisdictions and can own a property like a vehicle, house, school etc.

Criminal Matters and Effects on Status:

The criminal matters and effects on the status of H1B Visa and Green Card

H1b Visa-

  • Deportability
  • Inadmissibility
  • U Visa waivers and criminal convictions
  • Impact of criminal convictions on Family

Green card-

  • Aggravated felonies
  • “Moral Turpitude” crimes
  • Illegal drugs dealing with crimes

The Path to U.S. citizenship:

H1B Visa-

An individual first meets to apply for a green card through H1B Visa. After receiving, they need to wait for 5 years after they can become a citizen ofthe U.S.

Green card-

After 5 years of receiving the Green card, the individuals can apply for permanent U.S. citizenship.

Final Notes:

Individuals possessing H1B Visa and Green Card can-

  • Hire foreign employers and can work in every legitimate U.S. companies even if they are studying in a boarding school and is working.
  • H1B visa holders can travel till their visa expiry whereas green card holders can travel for 6 months.
  • They can apply for U.S. citizenship only if H1B Visa holders have a green card and Green card holders can apply 5 years after having their green card.