A good lawyer can help you out of a sticky situation hence it is necessary to select one wisely. The legal field is vast with many different sub-sections. Thus, it may be possible that one lawyer can help with due diligence issues, regulatory compliances or issues with investing in Asia; but at the same time unable to help with issues dealing with product liability or patent commercialization.

In addition to that, some of us require a multilingual lawyer in Melbourne, like a Chinese lawyer with skills on issues of investing in Asia. This article goes on to describe how to pick the best lawyer for your business.

Finding a good Chinese Lawyer

  • Opt for a specialist: There are many types of lawyers who specialize in different industries. For example, there are lawyers who specialize in contract law but are not multilingual. Thus, special effort is necessary for those who require a Melbourne Chinese lawyer.
  • Verify References: Always check references of a lawyer prior to selecting. The best way to do this is to take advice from someone you know has had a good experience. It is also possible to contact a previous client of a lawyer for the purpose of verification.
  • Lawyer flexibility: Most business will have multiple strategies of handling a problem and in the case where their lawyer reaches a roadblock; they are likely to suggest an alternative solution. Not every lawyer will be flexible and change their approach to a legal issue. This is something to clarify from the start.
  • Select a lawyer who is easy to talk too: A lawyer offers legal advice and assists in solving a legal issue. But there is more to a lawyer that just being able to solve your problem. It is a good idea to select a lawyer you get along with as well and someone who shares similar thoughts and ideas. In case of a business issue, it is likely that you will need to work closely with the lawyer and discuss an issue and working strategy. This is when it becomes vital to be able to get along with a lawyer.
  • Check affordability: All lawyers do not charge alike, for example, some may have a fixed fee, while other charges on the hour. It is important to understand the fee structure prior to selecting a lawyer. The main reason being that they can rake up a big bill for other services as well as legal research, etc. Thus, it is necessary to go ahead with a lawyer after careful consideration of a quote.
  • Pick the right size for a law firm: It is not necessary that a lawyer is associated with a law firm, they can be a solo practitioner, part of a small firm, or even a big firm. There are several characteristics associated with each case thus, select an appropriate lawyer as per the size of a business or type of issue.
  • Make use of your lawyer for important issues: It is important to keep in mind that you are paying for the lawyers time, thus it is a good idea not to waste it. The best practice to follow with your lawyer is to be prepared on the matter of discussion and keeping it to the point. At the same time, it may be advisable to only consult them with critical issues and not issues that would be easy for you to handle yourself.

A lawyer is not forever:  It is healthy to establish a good working relationship with a lawyer since at times; they may be responsible for saving your business. However, it is best practice to keep your options open and prepared to change a law firm if the need be.

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