Fear of losing valuable data is a nightmare no one wants to encounter.  With the advancements in the storage devices, it has become easy for people to go for the secure storage of data. Amongst various storage media, Raid hard disks have created a niche for themselves. The reason being with Raid Hard drives; storing your valuable and confidential data has become a hassle-free procedure. Raid hard drives protect you from the loss of data, arising from the disk failure, by creating a backup of data on multiple disks.

But with all said, like any other technology, Raid hard drives are also susceptible to failures.  The reason for the data crash in raid hard disk may be due to logical or physical errors. Although data loss with Raid hard drives happens once in a blue moon if it does you need to prepare yourself to deal with the issue. Before we talk about the recovery methods, look at the brief explanation about the causes of Raid hard drive data loss.

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Raid File Corruption, Causes You to Need to be Aware of?

  • Drive Fall Out:  This issue usually arises with Raid 0. Sometimes when a failure occurs in one of the member disks, Raid 0 undergoes damage. This usually happens because of logical issues like accidental formatting. If you are facing such problems, it’s always better to consult the experts for recovery.
  • Bad Sectors: With raid systems, it usually happens that if one sector fails it will damage the entire array. If the sector goes bad, accessing the data will become impossible. To prevent the array from crashing, you need to take professional help.
  • Server Issues: One of the reasons why the arrays become inaccessible lies with the failure of the server. If the host server undergoes crash, you will not be able to read the data.
  • Issues With Raid Controller: In Raid systems, a single controller is put to use to direct the operations. If because of a power surge or other problems the controller fails, you will encounter boot issues.
  • Other Issues: You may also encounter problems due to virus attack, raid rebuild errors and loss of Raid configuration settings.
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Are You Suffering From Raid Hard Disk Failure? Learn About the Recovery Avenues!

If you are suffering from raid hard disk failure, to protect the data you need to take certain measures. To prevent the problem from going out of hand, you need to turn off the array. If you suffer from the loss of data, you can make use of data recovery software. Some of the recovery software’s that can be of assistance to you include:

  1. DiskInternals
  2. GetDataBack
  3. ReclaiMe Free RAID recovery
  4.  Recoverit Data Recovery.
  5. Raid Recovery

Steps Involved in Recovering Data With Reliable Recovery Software

  • The first step is to install the software on your system.
  • Now you will have to select the recover drives option and click on the partition recovery.
  • Now, you have to select the drive from where you want to recover data.
  • The data recovery software provides you with a list of lost partitions. Select the needed one for data recovery.
  • Now the scanning process will start, and you will get the list of files available for recovery.
  • Select the storage location  to complete the recovery process
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Tips to Safeguard Yourself From Raid Data Loss

  • Stay away from overwriting.
  • Avoid unnecessary formatting.
  • Make use of antivirus software.
  • Never go for Raid rebuilding.
  • Stay away from physical damage.

The go-to guide will help you at the time when your Raid hard disk depicts unusual behavior. To prevent the problem from aggravating, always consult reliable service providers for the recovery of Raid hard drives.