We usually apply a permission password on PDF documents, to prevent editing, copying or printing the information. But what if we need to break PDF password i.e. Owner Level Password Security? Well, it’s easier than you think and here we’re going to explain how to remove restrictions from PDF with the best PDF password breaker tool.

PDF files have become a very common option to save and transfer crucial information. These files can be generated easily and accessed with any web browser, which has made them perfect for this digital arena.

While using PDF files like user guides, contracts, e-books, sometimes we all came across such scenarios when we can only read the files but cannot modify their content. This happens because the PDF is locked with security permissions to restrict any unauthorized modification, printing, copying or extraction of the content from PDF. These permissions can be removed only with the master password (which of course, you don’t have). But, fortunately, there is an amazing utility i.e., SysTools PDF Unlocker that will allow you to resolve the issue & unlock PDF password security in a few simple clicks.

PDF Password Breaker Software – A Brief Overview

Version 3.2
Download Setup File Size 5.5 MB
Processor Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor for 32-bit and 64-bit
RAM 512 MB
Hard Disk Storage Space 10 MB of free hard disk space is required for the software installation
Prerequisites In Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or Vista, launch the tool as “Run as Administrator”.
Windows OS Compatible with Windows 10 and all below versions

How to Break PDF Password Without Knowing the Password?

PDF files secured with Permissions Password (aka Owner Password, Restriction Password, Master Password) restricts certain actions like copying, printing, editing, etc. These PDF restrictions can be removed simply even without using the Owner password with the help of PDF Unlocker. This software allows to remove all type Editing, Printing, Copying, and Content Extraction restrictions from Adobe PDF files.

Despite this, there are multiple other features offered by this tool that makes permission removal from PDF files more secure:

Break password of PDF Document: The software removes owner level and user level both type of passwords applied on PDF files. The user level password can be removed simply by entering the respective PDF password and in result, it will provide an unsecured PDF file.

Display Applied Permissions on PDF: Right after adding PDF files in the software, it previews all the permissions associated with PDF. You can check Before and After status of PDF permissions.

Retains Original Integrity of PDF Files: The PDF Password Breaker Software maintains the data integrity of PDF and does not make any changes in the original PDF formatting.

Delete PDF Sign/ Comment Restrictions: The tool allows to eliminate PDF Comment restrictions. Also, it can remove signing restrictions from PDF files for free sign in.

Remove Form/ Document Assembly Securities: Using this one can remove document assembly restrictions from Adobe PDF files quickly. In addition, it can enable form filling by removing Form Restrictions.

Working Steps of the Software to Break Password of PDF Document

  • Launch the tool and click on the Unlock button to begin the PDF restriction removal process
  • In newly prompted window, hit the Browse button and select the restricted PDF file from your system. Click Open
  • Once PDF gets loaded, the tool will display a comparison list Permissions Before and Permissions After. Click on Browse to select a destination location for the resultant PDF files
  • Now, hit the Unlock PDF button and if your PDF file is restricted with Open Password Security then, enter the password to open PDF
  • PDF gets unlocked successfully prompt will pop up and click OK
  • Eventually, navigate to the location where output PDF is saved and you’ll find all that all the restrictions are removed from your PDF

Easy, right?

Now, you can copy, edit or print your PDF files without any permission issues

What’s So Unique About This Tool?

Since there are several third-party tools available in the online marketplace and you can opt any. But, why we’re recommending you to use this PDF password breaker tool? Well, there are a few strong reasons behind this like:

  • Remove restriction from multiple PDF’s
  • Break PDF password (owner level)
  • It’s completely secure and risk-free
  • No chances of data loss from PDF
  • No technical assistance required
  • Its performance speed is super fast
  • Supports all versions of Windows OS

Let’s Wrap It Up!

We can understand this thing well that how annoying it could be working with permissions protected PDF files. Therefore, we’ve tried many solutions to remove PDF permissions and came across the fact that this PDF Password Breaker Tool is the best among all. It removes Copying, Editing, Printing, Page Extraction restrictions instantly and eliminates Master Level Password Security from PDF files. Every user out there searching for how to break PDF password and restrictions must give it a try.