One of the reasons Android devices became massive globally is its flexibility. Numerous functions, as well as applications available, enrich the user experience for users which no other platform can offer. In several situations, TTS (Text to Speech) is a standard solution; however, most platforms can’t offer compatibility of the best text to speech engine android other than the Android platform.

Android platform offers various TTS applications which one can choose according to his/her need. Take a look at the best engines available for Android phones which will make listening to the information in texts more enjoyable.


The list starts with one of the best and most popular engines for people looking for an application that offers specific accent and voice for accessing talkback info, reading e-books, listening to notifications from social media, and more. This engine offers different types of premium voice which suits one’s need remarkably.

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People would need to pay around $1.60 for every voice one selects, and it provides one with impressive sound quality that makes listening to it quite enjoyable. English speakers can choose voices like Hannah, which offers US accent, Caitlin for Irish accent, William for UK accent, and more. Also, people looking for different languages have options such as German, French, and Portuguese; all these make it the best text to speech engine android.


The next engine in this list is Ivona which provides a sufficient amount of voices which sounds excellent. Also, it uses ample variations in the way a word is said. The reason for this engine’s success is that it provides a pleasant experience to people using it. Most TTS voices become monotonous after a while and also sound inaccurate and artificial. Ivona ensures users with pleasant hearing experience when listening to e-books, articles, web pages, and more.

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It supports a total of 13 languages which consists of English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Romanian, etc. Also, another attractive quality of this engine is that it can be downloaded for free. Also, it comes with an array of voice selection and works with numerous popular apps. From listening to online material to changing the virtual assistant’s voice, Ivona can do it all, which is why it is considered by many to be the best text to speech engine android.

Google TTS

Many Android devices have this text to speech engine installed as default application as it is one of the best and works excellently with various different applications. It allows users to listen to texts which appear on the screen. An individual can use it for enjoying favourite stories from Google’s e-book, which completing a chore or any other activity.

3.	Google TTS
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Moreover, it works accurately with the Google Translate application, which lets a person listen to a translation loudly for catching and understanding different pronunciation. Though many people feel like the voices aren’t rich and expressive at times, this engine supports multiple languages that are easy to use and setup making it get a place in the best text to speech engine android list.


TTS voices from SVOX support more than 25 languages. Also, it offers a user to choose voices from a comprehensive list of more than 40 male and female voices, which is one of the reasons for people preferring SVOX for text to speech option.

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High quality sound is always offered so that the listening experience of people is always impressive. Though people might feel that it’s not quite easy transferring from an option to a different one, voices included in this application is always evident. In addition, users agreed that voices in this engine are ideal for listening o while driving, listening to text notifications, documents, e-books and more.

It is also available for free download and languages to include UK English, Finnish, Spanish, Czech, Swedish, and Mexican. These are some of the best text to speech engine android which people should know about before getting one. So, why wait, try out the ones mentioned here and simply install whichever is ideally suited according to you!