In this fast-paced and advancing world, the field of technology has made massive progress. One of the most impressive feats is modern smartphones which are available in the market. These phones have TTS (text to speech) options which made using such devices more efficient. To have the best tts voice android, you should know about it in detail.

Going through the list below will offer you the best TTS options available for Android devices that are ideally helpful for people who hate reading texts in the phone or people who are dyslexic, visually impaired, etc. Moreover, it is ideal for elders who prefer hearing an incoming text rather than read it. So, let’s take a look at the best TTS apps available for people!

Voice Dream Reader

This is an excellent TTS application that can be used by both iOS and Android phone users. It permits people to listen accurately to PDF, e-books, and other file formats. One can hear multiple formats easily with remote control aspect, pause-play button, gestures, etc.

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Moreover, people can import files easily from cloud services such as DropBox, iCloud, Google Drive, Bookshare, Instapaper, Pocket, etc. This application consists of additional features such as a note-taking, bookmarking, built-in dictionary, and more. Voice Dream Reader is an exceptional app that is ideal for people who prefer audiobooks rather than e-books.

Voice Aloud Reader

This is considered by many to be one of the best tts voice android apps that people can use. Utilizing this application, people can quickly listen to emails, PDF< TXT, web pages, DOC, RTF, DOCX, e-books like FB2, PRC, EPUB, AZW, etc. Also, this app can function as a document and HTML reader.

What is more remarkable about this application is its features, which allow people to select different languages and voices. Also, its user-friendly interface permits people to control speech rate, pitch, and volume according to one’s need. If people have to read a lot using smartphones, then using this application will help one hear any information present on the screen quickly.


This is a little bit different than the rest mentioned and one of the best tts voice android. In this one, one will have to save favorite contents for reading them later. This application is available for PC, iOS, Android, and Kindle. When an individual comes across magazine articles, news, web pages, stories, etc. from an app, publisher, or device, one can bookmark it and share it in Pocket. It aids in accessing them later from a device when one enters a pocket from a registered account.

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Apart from this pocket is known for having TTS feature too. It helps in converting text format information into audio format for the ideal experience. This app reads information while a person does some work or simply rests.

Librera Reader

This is a light-weight and free application for people using Android devices. This best tts voice android allows a person to read any e-book whenever one wants. It supports CBR and CBZ formats and is preferred by all manga enthusiasts. With text to speech feature, it offers reading any book without any issue.

Moreover, this application is massively customizable. Hence, people can enjoy its remarkable features that make enjoying books a comfortable and pleasant experience for all. It offers favorite lists, library search, modern reading structure, day and night time mode, and more features are available. With Librera Reader, an individual can easily organize all e-books and manage one’s library efficiently.

So, now that you know about all the best text to speech applications that are available in the market choose wisely. These are one of the best tts voice android applications which make this list.

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