Some days ago, our organization has completed performing SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online Migration. In this particular case, the requirement was to migrate SharePoint Online Site Content to SharePoint Online. For this migration, we decided to implement automated application and hence, we chose Tool for SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online migration. In the below paragraph, we have summarized the requirement of the mentioned organization.

The client in question wanted to change their tenant name as it resembled the name of their competitor. Now, they wanted to migrate SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online. Their old SharePoint site contained more than 5 GB of data and we were required to export the complete data.

Challenges Faced During Migrate SharePoint Online Site Contents to SharePoint Online

The main challenge for us was to execute the SharePoint Online site content migration without any data loss. Keeping the amount of total data in mind, we chose to use SysTools SharePoint Migrator. This application is famous for safe and secure to migrate site contents from SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online, regardless of the size of data. In this kind of data transfer, interruption is a common incident. Another reason why we chose this tool is the amazing feature it offers named “Incremental Migration” In case any interruption occurs during this migration, migration of already imported data is skipped to save time and disk space.

How Did We Perform Migration SharePoint Online Site Content to SharePoint Online

To begin the process, we began by launching the software and adding the Source Site URL & SharePoint login information required. Then the application went through the processes of authenticating and scanning. Complete data stored in the source SharePoint account appeared in list format. We selected Categories box, which means complete data of SharePoint Online.

On the next screen, the tool offered various types of data filter options and other advanced level settings. We added a CSV file containing the mapping between source and destination ids. We also entered the version of the source of SharePoint and chose to Create New as the Migration type as the destination SharePoint Online contain no data.

Then, we added the destination SharePoint Online Site URL and other credentials. After authentication had been done, we chose the target location for the documents from the SharePoint Online site. Then the tool started data migration and it also displayed the live migration status throughout the process. When the migration had been finished, we were notified with a message.

After the SharePoint Online Site contents to SharePoint Online migration was completely executed, the application displayed a migration report. It included the total number of items set for migration along with success and failure count. The tool also offered the option to save the report permanently on the local system. In this way, we were able to successfully move data between two SharePoint Online.

Some Exceptional Features of SharePoint Migrator

Since our task was to migrate complete SharePoint Online data to a new SharePoint Online, we did not use several amazing features of this application. In this section, we want to focus on some important attributes of the tool.

Compatible SharePoint Data: SharePoint Migrator supports all major types of SharePoint data. This utility can migrate SharePoint List, Document Set, Document Library and Document folder from one SharePoint Online Site to another SharePoint Online.

Neatly Migrate Data: If the destination SharePoint Online Site already contains data and someone wants to import more data into it, this tool has to Create New options. To save the migrated data separately or to import data in an empty target SharePoint site, people have to choose “Create New” option.

Date-based Selection: SharePoint data can be filtered using the date-based filter option. The dates included can be the date when the files were created or modified. After adding the date range, only the selective data will get migrated.

Select File Type: SharePoint Online Site data can be migrated based on file type also. For this, users have to enter the required file formats in “Include File Types for Migration” field. Any data file types like PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PNG, etc can be entered here and the software will import only the files of the chosen extension.

Concluding Words

Now is the time to wrap up this discussion regarding “how to migrate SharePoint Online Site Content to SharePoint Online”. After the successful migration between two SharePoint Online sites with SharePoint Migrator, we know that this tool can be trusted in similar scenarios. Later, we have used this software in other cases and it performed the SharePoint data migration with equal success. Though its demo version has got certain limitation, one can overcome those restrictions easily by purchasing the license version of the software.