Find the solution to all the common MS Outlook errors that occur due to damage or corruption in the MBOX files. After a lot of brainstorming, we pointed out what a PST file is and why these errors occur. I hope you will provide a solution to all your questions. So don’t waste time, let’s start.

What is a PST file?

PST stands for “Personal Archiving Table”. This is a backup system for MS Outlook. It is a file format used to store copies of messages, events, calendars and other data entities in Microsoft applications.

The main objective of the PST file is to store the data stored by the mail server so that it can be used offline and also archive the OST file (Outlook archiving table). By saving data to PST files, you can more easily save the storage space on the mail server.

PST is supported by multiple Microsoft applications, for example

  • Microsoft Exchange client.
  • Windows messages.
  • Microsoft Outlook.

Common Outlook PST errors:

resolve common outlook errors

The messaging interface causes an unknown error

  • xyz.pst cannot access -0x80040116.
  • This xyz.pst file is not a personal folder file.
  • Unable to find the file xyz.pst.
  • It is reported that an Outlook error 0x800ccc0f is sent.
  • Unable to access the file xyz.pst. Data error: cyclic redundancy check
  • The folder cannot be displayed. Unable to access the file xyz.pst. Access denied.
  • An unknown error has occurred. 0o80040119
  • An unknown error has occurred. 0o80040600
  • Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to be closed. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
  • Unable to move project. The original was moved or deleted or access was denied.
  • Unable to expand the folder. Unable to open the folder set. The xyz.pst file could not be opened.
  • Unable to move project. The item cannot be moved. It has been moved or deleted or access has been denied.
  • Unable to move project. The operation could not be completed. One or more parameter values are not valid.

Common reasons for Outlook errors

There are several reasons that can cause these errors.

  • Hardware (physical damage to the drive sector).
  • Malicious file interruption (virus attack).
  • The sloppy perspectives have ended (sudden interruption of the prospects).
  • Titanic PST file size (file size exceeds the limit).
  • Even the wrong recovery tools (can add junk values at the beginning or end of the file, destroying the file header).

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How to remove Outlook errors & recover PST files?

Every problem has a solution and when it comes to PST, there are several ways to resolve PST errors. Some are provided by Microsoft itself and some are precautions that can be taken when dealing with PST.

  1. Check your Internet connection.
  2. Check you recently received emails for any hazardous message.
  3. Try Reinstalling Outlook if possible.
  4. Increase the time-out settings for the server.
  5. Using Inbox Repair tools/Third-party recovery tools

An easy way to resolve these common Microsoft Outlook PST errors is to use the tool provided by Microsoft itself, the Inbox repair tool (SCANPST.EXE). Helps to resolve .pst and .ost files errors. The tool will verify that all Outlook files on the PC are in the correct format and will resolve them. The following is the method of using SCANPST.EXE

If it opens, close Outlook and select one of the following file locations:

  • Outlook 2019: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office19
  • Outlook 2016: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
  • Outlook 2013: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office15
  1. Run “SCANPST.EXE”.
  2. Click Browse to select the Outlook PST file (.pst) to be scanned.
  3. Press Start to start the scan.
  4. If the scan detects errors, select “Repair” to begin the error correction process.
  5. Once the fix is complete, restart Outlook with the profile associated with the Outlook PST file you’ve corrected.


However, some errors may not be resolved, so you can use the automated tools available on the market / Internet. One of the things I found useful is the Outlook PST repair tool. This tool is sufficient to repair PST files. You can count on it. The process is given in the following video

Bottom line

Most errors are caused by PST files that are too large to exceed the defined size limit. If you take precautions, there are very few opportunities to fall into error or failure. If the problem persists, the above method will help you in most cases.

Use the Microsoft Repair Tool to fix common PST errors of MS Outlook (2019/2016/2013). if it does not work, opt for the given Outlook data file recovery Software.