Users often end up with a large number of EML files that they need to migrate EML into Office 365. Unfortunately, there is no direct manual method available to them. As a result, users have to convert EML files in PST and then import the PST file into Office 365.

But the mentioned method is a time taking and lengthy one. Data loss can also happen when the manual technique is applied. For these reasons, users look out for seamless migration software that can migrate EML Files to Office 365 account. Though there are many applications that claim to perform this conversion, most of them fail to live up to the expectation. For this reason, we will discuss a tool here that can effortlessly move EML files to Office 365.

What is EML to Office 365 Converter

This is a Windows-based utility that can easily migrate EML email files into Office 365. For this, users need to provide the correct credentials of the Office 365 account. With the help of this application, users can move the multiple numbers of EML files using the Add Folder option. No matter how large the file size is, the application will be able to smoothly import the file into the O365 account. The software consists of an easy to operate interface that can be operated by both novice and experts without any trouble.

Why Choose EML to Office 365 Converter

There are a number of reasons why you should choose this software over every other available program. Here, we are going to mention some of the highlighted features:

No-Risk of Data Loss or Corruption: In the case of file migration, there is always the risk of data corruption or data loss. But this software performs the conversion in a completely secure manner. There is no chance of data corruption or missing files so users can remain worry-free throughout the conversion.

Complete EML File Support: We all know that EML files are created in multiple email clients. EML to Office 365 Converter supports EML files created in all email clients. So, no compatibility issue will occur when this software is used.

Bulk EML Migration: If you have a large number of EML files on your system for conversion, you can add all those files at one go. Put all the EML files in a folder and select the Add Folder option of the software.

Import EML Attachment: EML files containing attachments can also be migrated to Office 365 by this program. All kinds of attachments are supported by this tool.

Maintain Complete Metadata: As emails are stored in EML file format, it contains important email header information in it. While exporting the EML files in Office 365, the software retains complete metadata of the EML files like date, size, subject, etc.

Generate Migration Report: After the migration of all the EML files is done, the application will generate a migration report. It contains all the data regarding the migration and can be saved in the CSV file for the future.

Date-based Selective Migration: The software also offers the facility to migrate EML files based on the date filter. All you have to do is to select the date range and the software will export only the files that fall under the range.

Pause and Resume Feature: This migration tool allows users to pause and resume the migration process at any time. Pausing the migration does not cause any data loss.


EML to Office 365 conversion is the need of time as many users are switching to Office 365 from other email applications. For them, EML to Office 365 Converter is the perfect tool. Not only this software is a robust tool for EML file migration, but its demo version is also available for free. We strongly suggest the readers opt for this EML to Office 365 Converter. This tool deserves 9.8 ratings out of 10.