Gmail is one of the most popular email clients among users. People are using it for personal as well as office use. But when due to some issues, when the user lost connectivity with the Gmail account. The user becomes so worried about his confidential emails messages and attachments.

To avoid all these issues, the user wants a reliable solution to take the entire backup of Gmail email messages and attachments. Gmail Backup Tool is the best software for saving the database of the Gmail account.

With the help of Gmail backup, you can save all your Gmail account messages, contacts, calendars and documents. It is the simplest solution that can complete in a few minutes. You only need to enter a valid email address and password of your Gmail account and choose the files or folders which seems to be important for you and you want to create a backup.

Reasons to use Gmail Backup Tool

  • Hacking of Gmail account
  • Gmail account stopped suddenly
  • Server down issue
  • Accidental deletion of Important Emails

Features of the software

  • Here are some of the catchy features of Gmail Backup Tool.
  • Backup multiple Gmail accounts
  • Support to multiple file format
  • Selective backup facility
  • Swift control on the backup process
  • Powerful utility for handy backup

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Benefits associated with the software

  • No requirement of the third-party tool
  • No technical expertise required
  • Full closeness to all Windows versions

Working of the software

To work on the software, you need to follow two things to work on Gmail Backup Tool.

  • Go to Gmail settings and enable IMAP under Forwarding and POP/IMAP heading.
  • Turn on ‘allow less secure apps

Next, you need to install and configure Gmail Backup Software properly and the opening screen of the software is shown as –

Rapid connectivity to Gmail account

Once, you install the software. The utility asks you for a username and password. You need to enter your username and password and click on ‘Connect to my Gmail account’. This will establish a proper connection with your Gmail account for whom you are taking backup.

Screening of Gmail account database

After getting the correct username and password. The software will show you an entire database of Gmail account separately by folders and the number of email messages contained in them.

Selective backup of Gmail folders

Here, you can select any of the folders of the Gmail account and can take the backup of the only selected folder. If you wish, you can select the ‘all mail’ option and can take the backup of all Gmail files.

Various export options

You are free to take Gmail account backup and can save them into various available formats – EML, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, and PST. You are free to select any of the email clients.

Easy Browsing of Output location

This is the second last step in the backup process. You are free to select an Output directory as per your requirements. This will help you to view the files easily without any extra efforts.

Process Now

This is the last option in the whole backup process. After all the above steps. You just need to hit the ‘convert now’ button to give a final touch to the whole process.


The interface of the software is so simple and easy to understand that I felt no disturbances while working on this software. The software will entirely guide you to take the backup of targeted Gmail database files. You are free to take the backup of many Gmail accounts using the software. The software has come with an outstanding option to use its trial version before investing any amount to it.