Imagine a scenario where you and your wife are having a perfect holiday. You are seeing these amazing destinations and eating the world’s best food in unique places. It’s all going great and then one ring breaks the moment.

You think it’s a harmless message and wants her to get back from her bath. After all, it’s rude to see people’s texts but when it doesn’t stop ringing, you are having a hard time ignoring the need to take just one quick look.

It’s a message from her ex. Didn’t she tell you she was no longer in contact with him? Why is she lying? Slowly the messages turn extremely flirty and your dream holiday has now turned into a nightmare. This scenario may be imaginary but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

With modern relationships facing distractions and hurdles like never before, staying loyal is becoming difficult for people who have still not adapted to the invasion of technology into every active and sleeping moment of our lives.

We have become so dependent on technology, that it has started dictating our lives without us even realizing this. Social media, text messages and endless notifications from all the apps divert our attention from our relationships, career, etc. Not everyone can avoid the negative impact.

Reasons to Suspect someone’s Text Messages

As years have progressed, SMS have overtaken phone calls as the dominant way to have a conversation. Because of its convenience of conversation with multiple contacts at once, it has become people’s go-to choice for talking instead of long talks on the phone.

But the downside is that unless you see the screen you can never be sure of who they are talking to as compared to a phone call the conversation can tell you a lot. Before you start using iPhone monitoring software, let’s go through a few reasons that your suspicions on their messages might be justified:-

1. Sleeping with their Cell Phone

We all have our cell phones with us for a big part of the day. It’s not uncommon to see people walking around with their mobile in their hands. But people do get tired of this and like to take breaks either just resting or talking face to face.

Especially when it comes to calling it a day people tend to leave their mobiles on the table but if they start sleeping with their smart-phones, then its trouble. Many times cheaters have seen to be sleeping with mobile below their pillow to avoid messages being read by their partners when they are asleep.

2. Avoiding a Serious Conversation

You told your partner about feeling confused and conflicted on a particular topic and they just chuckle or smile vaguely. Such an abrupt change in behavior or disruptive response could be a gentle way of changing and avoiding the conversation.

It could be more than just giggling or nervous smiling. They could be shuffling through their phone aimlessly or focus on anything in the surroundings. If this is an anomaly then there is no need to be worried but if this has been happening for a while then it could be troublesome.

3. Changing Body Language

Unless you are dating or married to a sociopath or a psychopath, for people who are cheating or hiding something are going to show some body language cues. It could be little things like looking more excited or moving around with a little more spark than before when they were happy in general.

They could avoid eye contact or maybe show more confidence more than ever. This happens mainly on account of excitement and validation of their own self from an affair they are having behind your back.

4. Increased Anxiety

Most people get nervous when they are lying. It becomes a stressful activity for them to hide their secrets from the people around them and especially their partner. In the end, they start showcasing heightened anxiety even when there is a reason to be.

Some of the classic things people in anxiety do are a foot tapping, fast blinking, rapid breathing, fiddling and rapid emotional extremes within a few moments. Although not everyone will behave exactly the same, more or less they all will have an exaggerated response if they are trying to hide things from you.

5. Avoiding Affection

Showing love and affection is how we continuously express how we feel towards our partner. If your partner who was quite affectionate in this regard but seems cold towards you lately, then this is something to analyze.

When detecting lying or cheating, a sudden and extreme shift in normal behavior is to see. If they were hugging and kissing you all the time, but now don’t seem so affectionate then these could point to your fears coming true.

How To Track Text Messages on iPhone

There are mainly two ways to track text messages on iPhone.

A. Track messages with iMessage

iMessage is the popular messaging app on iOS and you can use it to track text messages on an iPhone too. For this, you have to go to the phone settings on the target device and then click on messages. You will further see the option ‘send and receive’.

Here you can add people and their email address who will have complete access to the messages on the target device.

B. iPhone Monitoring Software

You have observed and analyzed their behavior and actions. Your gut feeling continues to tell you that there is something wrong. You are helpless and restless, and you deserve to know the truth. So, a trusted cell phone monitoring software might be the solution you need.

Let’s go three best iPhone monitoring software to track their text messages on their iPhone:-

Best iPhone Monitoring Software

1. Best iPhone Monitoring Software

Spymaster Pro is a trusted and reliable cell phone monitoring software for iPhone and Android. It has been in the market for over 7 years and has its software available in 10 languages already, and counting. 


  • Call listening
  • Live screen-shots
  • GPS tracking
  • Social media tracking


  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • SMS and contact logs
  • Highly affordable


  • Lacks compatibility with Symbian and Blackberry OS

2. mSpy

mSpy is a cell phone monitoring software for Android and iPhone. It has been used by parents and employers to keep an eye on their kids and employees respectively.


  • SMS tracking
  • Call logs tracking
  • Social media tracking
  • Phone book


  • Available in jailbreak and non-jailbreak version
  • Easy user access
  • Stays invisible


  • No SIM alert

3. Spyzie

Spyzie is spy software that monitors your target device remotely on Android and iOS devices. Many parents use this software to keep their kids safe.


  • Call logs
  • SMS tracking
  • Browser tracking
  • Remote tracking


  • Does not require rooting
  • Stays hidden on the target phone
  • Not as costly as competition


  • Poor customer support


SMS has become the go-to option for anyone trying to hide something. It is easy and as long as no one is over your shoulders it stays hidden from everyone around you. So, you suspect your partner or a family member of lying to you about anything. But it’s not easy to see people’s texts as most phones are locked. You need a cell phone monitoring software you can trust to get all the information they are trying to hide from you.

Author Bio – Rohan Sharma – Rohan is an experienced content writer with a broad range of writing styles, especially technical and academic writing.