Looking for the latest laser eye surgery? Or want to say goodbye to glasses and contacts? With the latest LASIK surgery get freedom from glasses and contacts. LASIK surgery is the best solution you can rely on.

LASIK is corrective refractive eye surgery that reshapes the curvature of the corneas permanently. During LASIK eye surgery, a microscopic corneal flap is created using a femtosecond laser to see the inner cornea and with the help of laser light to correct your vision.

Mostly the vision will be retained within 24 hours after the LASIK surgery. A person can get a clear vision within a few hours or in a day. LASIK heals faster than any other laser eye surgery. The latest LASIK technology in 2020 offers a procedure that is more customized suiting the requirement of an individual’s eye.

Your mind must have crossed several questions, but the topmost still remains regarding safety. Is it safe for an eye? Does it have any risk? Relax, LASIK eye surgery has a significantly low complication rate as compared to any other medical procedure. It is one of the safe, trusted, effective and proven procedures to correct vision.

The majority of the patients are well aware of LASIK eye surgery in today’s scenario. The latest advancements in LASIK technology and overall experience boost quicker recovery of patients than ever before.

What are the refractive errors which are corrected by LASIK eye surgery?

LASIK refractive eye surgery corrects various refractive errors. Let’s have a look at eye conditions that are corrected by LASIK:

 1. Nearsightedness

Nearsightedness, also known as Myopia is an eye condition where you can see objects from near very clearly and with concise details, but as the object moves far away, the vision gets blurry and you are not able to see the object clearly.

 2. Farsightedness

Farsightedness, also known as Hyperopia is an eye condition where you can see the distant objects very clearly with ease, but not able to see the nearby objects clearly.

3. Astigmatism

Astigmatism is an eye condition where the person faces a blurry vision and not able to see near and faraway objects clearly. It occurs due to the uneven corneal curves or flatness.

4. Presbyopia

Presbyopia is also known as the ‘Aging Eye’ condition. Loss of elasticity of eye lens, which occurs in the middle & old age, leads to long-sightedness.

Benefits of LASIK

  1. It heals fast in a time duration of 24 hours after surgery.
  2. Vision is clear after surgery.
  3. It is a safe, trusted, effective and proven method for improving vision.
  4. Minor discomfort and any pain disappear quickly.

Evolution and latest advancements in vision correction

LASIK has been introduced years ago, since its existence, it has been considered as the safest and most common form of laser eye surgery in the medical world to correct the vision.

Blade-free LASIK made its mark decades ago, which removes the corneal tissue, to give it a new shape. The LASIK laser surgery has wholly replaced the blade while eliminating all blade-related complications.

Patients having adequate corneal thickness are advised to go for LASIK eye surgery, whereas those who have thin or irregular corneas are treated through SMILE eye surgery. Patients who face symptoms of dry eye are recommended to go for SMILE eye surgery.

What is SMILE eye surgery?

SMILE eye surgery is an FDA approved vision correction surgery. It is a highly advanced and most significant blade-free laser eye surgery, for vision correction. It has more precision than Femto-LASIK. SMILE eye surgery is completed in a shorter time span and gives long-lasting results in vision correction. SMILE eye surgery is recommended to patients having thin corneas. It is mostly used for correcting myopia (nearsightedness). SMILE eye surgery is quiet, odorless and blade-free as excimer laser is not used during the procedure. It’s safe to opt for SMILE eye surgery for fast visual recovery just like LASIK. You can completely rely on SMILE without any worry.

SMILE is widely known as a one-laser vision correction surgery as it is different from all the other vision correction surgeries. Get rid of nerdy glasses and go for SMILE vision correction, the latest technology in laser eye surgery.

Consult an eye care specialist and get proper eye care examination of both the eyes before going for any vision correction surgery.