We know that as event organizers and managers your primary motive is to organize an event people don’t forget. Something that leaves an enduring impression on your attendees. In order to achieve that you have several responsibilities at hand, you have to make sure every aspect of your event is worth it.

Ever imagined how you can get perfection with each aspect? Event Management Tools is the answer. These tools can work as the backstage saviors for your events. There are multiple event management tools in the market that can help you take your event to the level.

The use of event management tools has proved to lift audience engagement by 20%, increase productivity by 27%, and raise the profit margin by 20-30% on average. It will also help you keep a close eye on all the tasks in a trouble-free manner.

Here are some event management tools for making your event brighter:

Whova- Modernize your Event Management System

Whova is the remodeled way to manage your event. It is a software system that helps you manage and execute your event in a very systematic manner. It has multiple functionalities and you can choose to opt-out of any, according to your requirements.

Whova is a very user-friendly, mobile-friendly and affordable tool for your events. You can manage your time with this tool and use it for event preparations and improving audience engagement. It also provides you with a live slideshow option that can help you impress your sponsor by displaying their brand logos and names in the event.

Taggbox- Engage your attendees through social media

Engrossing your audience with your event can be a task, using social media walls can be the perfect solution to it. A digital screen displaying user-generated content from various social media platforms in real-time is definitely getting your attendees’ attention.

Taggbox is a UGC platform that allows you to display user-generated content by pulling in content from various social media platforms through hashtags and account handles. It works in real-time and can be the best tool to install an attractive Social Media Wall for your event.

It provides you with various features such as personalization, moderation, analytics and many more. It can be the best way for you to engage your audience before, during and even after the event. It also helps you collect social proof and memorable moments for your event.

Taggbox provides you with all these features is a very cost-effective and feasible price. It comes with pricing plans categorized into 6 categories- Website, Digital Signage, Events, API, E-Commerce, and Enterprise Plans.

Trello – The Team Management App

Trello is a project management software that lets you log in tasks for your team members. It is an easy-to-use and free software that can help you manage your team members in a more efficient manner.

It allows you to create different tabs for each team member, you can log in and monitor the task in those tabs. There are 3 pricing plans offered by Trello – Free, Business Class and Enterprise Level. Each pricing plan comes with features accordingly.

Eventbrite – Brighten up your ticketing

Eventbrite is a ticketing solution platform that helps you with providing ticketing solutions for all events maybe it be meetings, concerts, conferences, etc.

You can create an event listing page with Eventbrite’s pre-built payment options, analytics, and support features. It also has customization features that can help you curate your page as you wish. You can also access the analytics reports from your mobile phone.

Do you want to know the best part? It provides you with all these features for free if your event is free as well. In case you’re charging for your event, it has 3 pricing plans – Essential, Professional and Premium. All these pricing plans come with a different set of features accordingly.

Social Tables – Collaboration made easy

Social Tables is an event collaboration software that helps you out with various aspects like event planning, seating arrangements, event sales, and sales and catering CRM.

It simplifies the designing and creation of interactive floor designs and seating arrangements. It helps manage guest check-ins and attendance tracking. It also helps you form connections with vendors, caterers, venue providers, and more. It can be one of the best solutions for an event.

Over to you

The use of event management tools is already helping a lot of event organizers take their event a step ahead, it is time for you also to start working in a smarter manner too. Utilizing these tools for your event will not only help you manage your time and team but can give better audience engagement and higher profit margins also.

Here are the best tools that can help you with every aspect of your events. You can choose and opt for tools according to your event requirements. If used in the right manner, these tools can surely help you turn your event into a successful and exciting event.

So, Best of Luck and have a rocking event!!

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