Office 365 is the leading cloud platform due to its unique and user-friendly features. Nowadays, most of the organizations prefer to transfer on-premises Outlook to Office 365 Online. Migrating to cloud O365 can significantly boost online business and it comes with many facilities like more accessible from any location and enterprise-level email server. But, the problem comes when a user tries to migrate Outlook email to Office 365. As there is no direct method to upload the Outlook data file to Office 365 webmail.

Don’t worry! We are here to help you to solve your problems. In this blog, you will get to know about the methods to import Outlook emails to Office 365 account. We have explained both the automated method and manual solution to your problem. But, before that, to get a clear picture, you should read the related problem that may help you.

“Hello, All! In my organization, we use Outlook as our default email client. Our company has decided to migrate our account to Office Online but we don’t know the method to move all user accounts. If you know any method to migrate Outlook email to Office 365 then please let me know”

“I have a 100+ Outlook(PST) data file. I have been assigned a task to import Outlook PST file to Office 365 accounts. I have to transfer each PST file to a specific user account. I know using Azure Azcopy we can perform the migration. But it takes too much time and technical knowledge. I need a quick and easy solution that I can use in the future also. So, kindly explain a foolproof method to import Outlook emails to Office 365 webmail. Thanks in Advance”

Top 2 Methods to Migrate Outlook Email to Office 365

We have come up with to foolproof solution to solve your problem. There are two best methods available to move Outlook to Office 365. First, is by using a free method like Azure AzCopy and another. Second is by using third-party software like Outlook to Office 365 Migration tool. There are some Pros of using an automated method over the manual methods. We have listed the procedure with the pros and cons of both method below.

Method 1: Use Automated Approach to Migrate Outlook Email to Office 365

The automated solution for moving Outlook PST file to O365 account is by far the best method. It is a totally safe and secure method. Additionally, it can migrate multiple PST files to multiple users accounts simultaneously with any error. The software provide various functions for the Outlook users to filter and migrate selective data to Office 365 account. Using this, you can move emails, contacts, calendars, task, attachments, etc. from Outlook PST to O365 webmail. The tool is also available for a free demo version.

Import Outlook Emails to Office 365 in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Download & Launch the Software for migration
  2. Enter Admin or User account credentials to login
  3. Import Outlook PST using Add File or Folder option
  4. Select the data items to migrate from Outlook to Office 365
  5. Click on Import button to begin the transfer process


  • Simple and easy to migrate Outlook to Office 365
  • Incremental migrate option to upload new data only upon re-migration
  • Multiple filter option to import selective data
  • Admin or User account login options


  • Only the demo verison of software is Free

Method 2: Import Outlook PST file to Office 365 Webmail Using AzCopy

Step 1: Method to Install Azure Azcopy Tool

install AzCopy

Step 2 : Step to Import Outlook PST File to Office 365

After the Azcopy is installed, now move Outlook to Office 365 webmail.
1. Go to CMD as Administrator
2. Now, Open Azcopy directory
3. Run below CMD command

Migrate Outlook Email to Office 365

Step 3: Create a CSV file for Mapping

1. First, a task in this step is to create a CSV file for mapping PST to each mailbox in Office 365 Webmail
2. Now, Save the CSV file to local computer

save CSV

Step 4: Finally, Create Import Job for PST file

1. First, Go need to goto website
2. Login into Office 365 Account using Admin Credentials
3. Using navigation panel, click on Data Management >> Important
4. Hit + icon and from drop-down choose ‘Upload from network’
5. In next window, hit on ‘I’m Done uploading files’ & ‘I have access to Mapping files’. After that click on Import button.
6. Now, enter the PST file name
7. Browse the CSV file using + icon
8. Now, you need to select the CSV file you created in Step 3 and validate it to check errors
9. Hit the Import button to migrate Outlook email to Office 365.

Note: The manual method using Azcopy tool take larger amount of time in migrating Outlook emails to O365. Also, the chances of error during the migration process is quite high. To migrate large number of users, it is recommend to use an automated tool. They can perform the migration without any error or risk.

  • Azure Azcopy tool is freely available
  • Complex procedure for migrating Outlook PST to O365
  • No filter option during the transfer process
  • Requires high-level technical knowledge
  • Require Admin Credentials to perform an operation
  • No Incremental import facility


We have explained the best possible two methods to migrate Outlook Email to Office 365 OWA. Both methods are checked and perform correctly. The only difference between both the method is in their procedure. Automated approach is the simplest method to import Outlook PST file to Office 365 whereas Azure Azcopy tool is the complex one. Also, manual approach takes too much time and require skilled technical person to perform migration.