In a world where Samsung’s top phones and Apple iPhone rule the world, people often overlook the companies that offer excellent devices at a much lower cost. Hence, in this article, you will come across two different brands that have made a name for themselves in the smartphone market. The question which this article is based on is OppoVs Vivo, which is better.

So, without delaying any more, let’s get in-depth the different smartphone brands which most people are planning to opt for now and in the near future. You will get a detailed explanation as to why one should buy phones from these brands as well as their con if available any.

Why do we recommend Oppo phones?

There are numerous reasons as to why one recommends people to buy Oppo phones. The phones from this brand always have highest features as well as capabilities within a budgeted cost price. Another reason, why people opt for these brands is their camera. From ultra HD images to dual zoom technology, rotating cameras, and more, this brand is always ahead of the curve.

Also, these phones are quite popular among people is due to their long battery life. One of the issues which are faced by most brands is not being able to provide a long battery life. With Oppo that is not a problem at all as it offers battery life for 2 days when used averagely.

Lastly,this brand is known for their stylistic and innovative design which puts the competitors to shame. Be, it rotating cameras or something else, there is something always new with Oppo’s phones.

Why we do not recommend Oppo phones?

One of the primary reasons as to why people don’t recommend Oppo phones is due to their build quality. Though each of their phonesis stylish, modern, and has an updated look, the built quality always is not excellent.

The basic reason for it is that it is made with plastic which doesn’t provide one with a premium feeling. From eye catching colors to different designs Oppo has it all but built quality is something which makes people consider a different phone sometimes.

Now since the question is OppoVs Vivo, which is better; let’s have a look at good as well as a bad aspect of Vivo phones.

Why do we recommend Vivo phones?

The flagship phones of Vivo are quite good which ample amount of people often chooses. Similar to Oppo they have innovative designs and technology installed in their phone. Also, they offer several features which most of the high-priced phones of other brands provide. Moreover, their camera functions and equipment installed in smartphones are worth talking about and is a big selling point of Vivo phones. In the market both these brands are known for their superior camera quality and excellent pictures.

Apart from these it comes with supreme battery life similar to Oppo which is makes their competitors sweat. Hence, a lot of retail stores suggest people to purchase Vivo phones when asked about their suggestion.

Why we do not recommend Vivo phones?

One of the big concerns of many people is that some Vivo phones have not made into the secure phone list which Google announced. However, most of their phone made to the list and in market is still considered to be best sellers. Also, like Oppo their built quality is made of plastic except few of the high-end models.

Hence, it can be concluded that both Oppo and Vivo fall under the most popular Android smartphones globally. Though there might be a con or two in their product, they are ideal for usage for anybody who is looking to have an excellent device in their hand.