What if you lose your crucial PDF documents without backup or any alert. This can be tormented situation for anyone. As we already know that, a pen drive is prominently utilized storage device all over the globe. Users store their valuable data in a pen drive such as PDF files, photos, videos, songs, and so on. But, often users faced a very well know issue i.e., data loss from pen drive. Once the important data is removed from the USB. At times, users feel helpless and start searching an instant way to recover deleted PDF files from pen drive.

So, we considered this issue and come up with this flawless article. Mainly, we are going to resolve how to recover deleted Portable Document Format files from pen drive using manual and professional techniques. So, let’s get started:

Reasons Behind The Occurrence of Data Loss Issue in Pen Drive

This is the most commonly asked query by many users such as why we require to recover pdf files from pen drive. There can be so many causes but, a few of them we are going to discuss in this section. Get a look:

  1. Unintentionally delete any crucial data files from flash drive
  2. Mistakenly format the pen drive
  3. Unluckily pen drive is getting corrupt and needs to recover data from that
  4. Important data files were permanently deleted by virus secretly

Free Solution to Recover Deleted PDF Files From Pen Drive

Here, in this segment, we will be going to disclose the manual technique to retrieve removed PDF documents from a flash drive. Hence, this freeway is obtainable in two workarounds. Mainly, both the solutions are directed in an appropriate way. You just have to follow any of them sequentially to get the requisite resultant.

1. Recover Deleted PDF Files From Pen Drive by Using Previous Versions

Simply, follow the below-outlined steps to recover deleted PDF files from the previous versions of files or folders:

  1. Firstly, right-click on the folder which contains your deleted data files. After that, choose the Properties option.
  2. Subsequently, click on the previous versions from the top pane to move forward.
  3. Lastly, you can view a list of the previous version of the folder. From here, you have to opt the file version which one you need to recover and hit on the Restore button.

2. Recover Deleted PDF Files From Pen Drive by Using CMD

In order, to implement the data recovery process. You have to utilize CMD utility. To do so, follow the below-stated instructions appropriately:

  1. First of all, open command prompt wizard by clicking Windows + R keys, and enter cmd in the field.
  2. Then, add this following command in the command prompt window i.e., attrib -h –r -s /s /d *.* and press enter key
  3. Ultimately, waiting for a few minutes until the procedure is being completed successfully.

Notable Tip!

Most of the users still do not know the fact i.e., once they deleted any data file from pen drive. So, it will be wiped permanently instead of going to recycle bin. Because, when the data file is deleted from an external storage device. So, that will be removed permanently from that device. In this circumstance, no manual solution can work appropriately. Though, a free solution cannot recover permanently deleted PDF files from pen drive. So, to do the same, you have to utilize an automated or professional tool is the ultimate solution you have. Thus, we also mentioned the alternative approach in the upcoming section. Let’s proceed further.

Recover Permanently Deleted PDF Files From Pen Drive Quickly

After knowing that once any data file is deleted from pen drive. Though it does not go to your trash bin, it wiped permanently from your external device. So, there is no availability of manual way which has the capability to recover accidentally deleted PDF from pen drive.

But, here we come up with this alternative solution named pen drive recovery tool. With the help of this software, you can easily recover corrupted, deleted, and formatted Portable document files from USB flash drive. This recovery application is programmed with enriched functionalities and features. Mainly, this utility consists of a unique feature like it emphasize the permanently deleted files by red color.

So, it becomes easy for a user to recognize which data files are deleted from the folders. Moreover, if you want to utilize this amazing tool then, you have to install this into your local machine. And you can download it any Windows OS machine because it does not integrate with any kind of compatibility issues.

Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted PDF Files From Pen Drive

  • Firstly, download and run the SysTools pen drive data recovery toolrecover pdf data from pen drive
  • Now, you have to choose Scan option instead of Formatted Scan recover deleted data
  • Here, after completion of the scanning procedure, you can review all the data files and also search the needed PDF files. recover data
  • Lastly, click on the Save button to store all the recovered data files from a thumb drive recover file from pen drive

Time to Verge

The procedure to recover permanently deleted PDF files from pen drive is no longer complex or time-consuming. Any user either professional or non-technical can execute the recovery process without any hindrance, with the help of pen drive recovery tool. However, it is the smart and handy software to recover corrupted, deleted, and formatted data from pen drive. Thus, it does not associate with any constraints. Conclusively, the choice is yours.