With more people trying out websites that offer a chance of posting videos and sharing them, numerous such sites have emerged. One of the most popular ones includes LiveLeak, where numerous viral content has been posted and shared by millions of people globally. However, people looking for similar sites should know that there are ample sites like liveleak to check out.

Below mentioned are some of the other popular sites which are similar to LiveLeak. In these websites, one can share and post viral content along with a vast number of other features available. So, take a look at these in detail!


This is the world’s first Blockchain-based decentralized video platform that falls under sites like liveleak category. Going through its layout will provide one with the impression that it is like YouTube. However, it comes with additional features that are missing from several such websites.

Official Website: d.tube

It’s a decentralized platform which is blockchain-based. It means that it has utmost transparency, opinion, speech freedom, etc. which is missing from YouTube as it is profoundly censored and videos are banned if it’s a slight misstep. It basically took YouTube and made it better as anyone can upload here anything they need.

Its prime attraction includes users uploading videos and making real money from it. Moreover, people can check out how much money a video made as it is displayed for 100% transparency.

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Also, streaming videos here can be done without having to register. However, for commenting, uploading videos, liking and sharing, one would need to register. Registration is completely anonymous and is done on Steem.

Engage Media

Another site that makes it to this list of sites like liveleakis Engage Media, which is also a platform that is non-profit like LiveLeak. This platform’s objective is to promote equality, rights, and more through citizen journalism. However, most content available in this site focuses on the Asian portion of the globe.

Engage Media
Official Website: engagemedia.org

It is associated with several events and projects like CrossRoads, MovieMento, CampChindwin, etc. However, it posts research of its own and also from various independent individuals who upload it. Popular uploads of this website include VideoChronic and Video4Change researches.

People are allowed to upload event information, news, or videos according to their desire; to upload people will need to register themselves on this platform. However, people looking just to browse or watch videos can do it without going through the registration process and is 100% free.

Furthermore, it allows people to share videos of different sizes and qualities. In addition, the website offers people a downloading option of any video one likes in original quality. The interface is user-friendly, and people can see from which country a video was uploaded.

Xfinity Video

Another website that falls under the category of sites like liveleak is Xfinity Video. The reason for this website getting ample popularity is due to its versatility. From funny to adult content, one can find anything on this website easily. However, some restrictions are there for people wanting to use it.

Official Website: xfinity.com

To enjoy TV services and the internet, an individual would require paying $49.99 a month, which is quite reasonable as it offers 10 channels. The good news is that there are many monthly packages from which one can choose that suits most.

With Xfinity Videos, people get a dashboard which contains several services as well as customization options for a better experience. People will come across videos in this website related to entertainment, news, lifestyle, sports, finance, TV, and more. Also, the interface is quite user-friendly and straightforward.

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Moreover, videos from different popular platforms can be found here to which people can watch through Xfinity’s channel.

These are some of the sites like liveleak, which you can enjoy any time. All you need now is to simply check out all the websites and choose the one which fulfills your entire requirement list. Once you get it, simply start uploading videos or browsing them for excellent content.