Every business is building a website to boost business and help customers to reach them easily. The design and layout of the website play an important role. It can either make or break your business. There are certain factors to be kept in mind for building a website to increase business and attract the targeted audience. A website is considered good with the appropriate and suitable website design.

The website plays an important part in any business. It leverages to achieve the goals of the business by reaching more customers and increasing revenues. The developers engage in deep discussions with the customers to understand the business goals and develop the website accordingly.

Advantages of having a website for business:

1. Advertisement:

A website is an inexpensive form of advertisement that has a direct reach to the customers it is the best form of advertisement. It is more effective than the traditional advertisement methods and with the implementation of proper SEO techniques, it helps to reach the targeted audience and rise in the traffic of visitors to the website. The website contains all the details for all the products and services and provides all the contact information.    

2. Reduced cost:

A website can be used to display information and convey the details without involving any high cost.  The businesses can directly deal with the customers without spending any extra bucks. The website is also be utilized to declare any official information or new to colleagues and other members.

3. 24/7 availability:

The websites are available to the customers at any time they desire. Any person can go through and reach the business. The customer can access the information at their convenience. The website operates for the business outside the business hours.

4. Credibility:  

The online presence of the business is very significant in the current scenario. The website is the first thing potential customers search for today. If the website does not show any contact address and phone number, the customers will not trust on such websites. The authenticity and credibility of the website are increased with complete and accurate information. A user-friendly website gives a comfortable feeling to the customer and has a positive impact on business.

Below mentioned are the most common aspects that make website weak

1. Out of date design:

If your website was created a long back and contains header and sidebars and too much text in the center of the page. It is the reason that it fails to engage the audience and appear old-fashioned. It is time to modify the design and layout. There are far better designs in trend today. The content is placed in the smaller sections and with a systematic and eye-pleasing view.

2. Too many colors and textures:

many times we see that there are too many colors on the websites and textures. It gives a chaotic appearance. Websites should stick to particular color schemes. The websites for the business should use limited fonts for a systematic and clean view.

3. Overuse of images and icons:

when a visitor visits the website and get a website full of image and stuffed with the icons, it will create a sense of distrust. The same image on the multiple pages should not be put on the website.

4. Improper designs:

The first and foremost step is the identification of the targeted audience of the business. The design and content of websites should be designed according to the targeted audience. The design may in accordance with the latest market trends but if it fails to fulfill the audience of the need, it will fail to attract them and bring business.

5. No clear path:

The website should provide a clear entry to the audience and an easy path to navigate across the website. If it provides too many options to the visitor, it can result in an easy exit and can result in increased bounce rates.

6. Improper links:

Improper and links that are not user-friendly are a downside for the success of the website. The name of links should be meaningful and provide a sense in accordance to the business. The name of links should be easy and that can attract multiple visits from visitors.

7. Not a mobile-friendly site:

Today customers are using smartphones to visit websites and it is very necessary the website is optimized for mobile. At present, there may be more visitors via mobile than desktop. Ensure that your website is optimized for the mobile and tablets use and provide great user experience while visiting.

8. Proper information:

All the contact details such as an address, phone number, business hours should be mentioned properly on the website. It is in such a way that visitors can easily access without the need to navigate much around.

Website design is a crucial factor in building websites and for this; the developers need to understand the needs of business and the targeted audience. If you have a website and it fails to bring your business. Here are some points to comprehend and analyze.