With time, your business grows as well. There will be many changes as you may have added a whole product range or have been awarded any certificates for your nonpareil services in the industry. With so many changes, it is essential that your website also adapt and expand so as to strengthen your sales and marketing investment. Now the question arises, what your business needs – website refresh or a complete redesign of the website?

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If you’re already living in a house that can be your business website, the website refresh includes trying different bedding or pillows for the room. It’s pretty simple and quick and doesn’t recruit any heavy resources to execute. Usually, the need for website refresh is stimulated by the smaller changes that happen around in the company, customer needs, and requirements or in technology. Also, the website refresh is not that urgent.

When you should go for a website refresh?

  • The digital era witness technological advancement every minute. Even the search engine algorithms also change according to that. In that case, you can’t go for a website redesign every now and then when Google algorithm changes. But at the same time, your website should be adaptable to the best SEO practices. This is important as it will help you with better rankings. With frequent website refresh, you can easily pull off the content optimization for your business website.
  • If there are any changes in the logo, you need to apply that to your site as well with a refresh. Just remember as long as the brand assets like the typeface used or the color palette remain unaffected, website refresh is good to go and you are in no need of website redesign.
  • Among many frameworks ideal for website development and designing, WordPress is the most popular and used by the developers of the best web development company in India very frequently. Its user-friendly CMS enables the business to add a new service, team member, blog or article, case studies, or even a whole new section on the website using existing page templates. When you need to have a new addition to your business, you need to update that on your site as well without the need to redesign the entire site. That’s where the website refresh steps in.
  • As we have all seen that even the brick and mortar stores do a lot of things as per special occasions. For instance, they put on fancy pumpkin lights during Halloween or a tree at Christmas. Similarly, your business website also needs to be tweaked for a particular period on these special occasions. For instance, if you’re offering a discount on any special occasion or a giveaway gift on your anniversary, you will not end up in redesigning the whole website for that. You can tweak the small sections of the website without affecting the whole website.
  • “User-friendly experience” is pertinent for your survival in digital space. Therefore you need to make small changes every now and then to improve this experience for your users. These changes help the users in easily navigate the site and find things they are looking for. Adding related content, or search filters, making the menu more comprehensive are some of the details you can continuously work on. These are some of the easy web refreshes you can go to deliver a better experience to your users.

Learn more about Website Redesign from the best web development company in India

Website redesigning is not at all like website refresh. It’s a much broader concept and is incorporated on an extensive scale. Like web designing, we the team of best web designers in India commence it with research. Coming up where the website is lacking and need to improve, content is then build up along with digital strategies and according it is worked through the complete web design process.

When you should go for a website redesign?

  • One of the many reasons that businesses hire the expertise of the best web development company in India is that their business site has been stagnant since its inception. Their website is all outdated and delivers nothing but a frustrating experience to users. With low page speed, irrelevant content, there are so many things that need to be redesigned. So in the case of a stagnant website, you definitely should hire the best web designers in India for a website redesign.
  • The second reason that persuades many businesses to go for a website redesign is when it’s full rebranding. It can be a merger or an acquisition. Sometimes it’s just the face-lifting for the business. In any of these rebranding cases, your website needs to have a total redesign. As with rebranding, business features a new logo, colors, and even new typeface along with other assets that articulate the brand personality.
  • The third reason that might convince you to undergo a website redesign now, is outdated technology. Even with the best of content, if your website is not functional as per the latest technological advancements, chances are users might abandon it. For instance, the website needs to be responsively designed so as to give the users a better experience when they access it from their mobile phones. And if your website fails to deliver so it will directly affect the brand and its image. In this scenario as well, you need the expertise of the best web designers in India to improve your site’s performance with a website redesign.
  • Other than this, if you’re thinking of taking over a new digital marketing strategy, the new approach might need a new design to pull off. Content marketing along with social media marketing, advertising and a whole lot of SEO strategies affect and are affected by your site. So any major changes in them required a web redesign.
  • Hire a team of professionals of the best web development company in India for website redesign or refresh, whichever curate your business requirement.

Author’s Bio:
Mr. Amit Kumawat is a professional web developer for the last nine years and likes to write various topics of web development. He owns a software development company and handling many projects. He is providing web design and development services across the country.