Like everything, your blog too has a personality, and in order to make it successful, you have to continuously work on enhancing its personality. If your blog doesn’t look attractive enough, it won’t appeal to the users, and they will leave from there. No amount of good content can save your blog if its design and other elements are not up to the mark.

A simple blog is great, but if it is downright ugly, it sends out one simple message to your audience. That message is that you are not putting effort into maintaining your blog, and if you don’t care for it, why would anyone else go through its content.

Thus, put effort into the blog’s design and appearance. Make it look like a professional is looking for the blog, even if you are a newbie. I am going to share seven tips with you that will help you make your blog attractive.

Let’s read these tips…

1. Use images that define your brand consistently

Putting up images on your blog post is crucial as it enhances the text and appeals more to the audience. But that doesn’t mean that you can use an image. True, you can use stock images, but it won’t have the desired effect on the user.

Instead, create your own photos or get images on your own and post consistently. It will add to the personality of the blog as the type of image you create will make the user recognize your brand. Moreover, it will save you from legal issues pertaining to copying someone else’s work. Use the Canva tool for editing and creating your own images.

2. Pay attention to font and typography

There are numerous blogs that use an ugly and weird font or typography. These fonts are not even readable nor do they make the blog stylish.  When deciding on a font family, consider the latest trend, and its visibility, and the nature of your blog. If your blog is about serious stuff, you cannot use a funky font and vice versa.

Similarly, the size of the font should be decent enough for everyone to read from a certain distance.

3. Decluttering your blog

If your blog has too much going on, it will confuse the readers. Having too many options on the header and footer or using sliders of images on the blog distracts people from taking any action. Thus, have only one or two call-to-action button and remove all the unnecessary things from the blog.

4. Choose the right theme

Most of the bloggers use WordPress or such tools to make their blogs these days, and it is truly a great idea. But this means that you have to pay extra attention to the theme of your blog. All these tools have inbuilt templates from which you can choose the one you feel is right for you. Also, you can customize them according to your need. Now, be careful and select a new and unique theme and the one that goes with the nature of your blog.

5. Don’t add too much advertisements

Advertisements are necessary for earning money, but if you override your website with ads, it will irritate the reader. Why? Because every time he/she tries to read or see the content, he gets blocked by an ad. If the readers find more ads than content, they will leave immediately and go to a site with the same content, but with fewer ads.

6. Attractive an easy website navigation

Make the navigation menu of your blog attractive and easy to use. It will make a ton of difference as a user will notice attractive navigation right away and will be able to explore the rest of the blog with ease.

I hope these tips help you make your blog more attractive to users. If you find engagement level going down, try these tips and up your content’s quality and hopefully you will get your momentum back.

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