We are surrounded by a myriad of technologies that are truly transforming the landscape of the mobile business world. You can hear about technology launch and updates on a regular basis whose prime aim is to improve mobile experiences for the users. Here, we want to spotlight the concept of cross-platform app development which has been revolutionized for the growth of businesses. 

In this blog, you’ll have a round-up of a new sensation, Google Flutter, specifically launched to create cross-platform apps for all types of businesses. During the launch program, Google claims that the mobile apps developed using Flutter ensure Native like experience even without compromising the quality and speed of the development. 

Basic Facts About Flutter

There are many other technologies that have become famous for creating cross-platform mobile app development. A few are Xamarin, React Native, PhoneGap, Titanium, etc. Among them, Flutter is proved to be the best framework rendering mobile apps that can stand out of the crowd. 

Flutter supports everything that other prominent cross-platform frameworks don’t go with. It guarantees fast development speed for both Android and iOS mobile app development process. 

Why Choose Flutter For Cross-platform App Development

Same code for multi-platform development

Developers are happy to get this ultimate Google development product as they now only need to code for once and they can seamlessly use the modules for developing both iOS and Android applications. The framework has come up with ultimate widgets that help developers to build the same app to cater to multiple-platform accessibility needs. 

Speedy app development

Sometimes, due to designing tools’ inability, app design varies from the layout which was initially decided. With Google Flutter, you’ll have a Hot Reload feature which helps developers instantly preview the output of the work done. It further assists them in finding the non-appropriate aspects and fix them then and there to achieve design flawlessness. 

Hot Reload is truly a boon for developers as they get rid of working on the same thing from scratch. It’s because that Flutter follows the principle of Dart which remarkably uses Object-oriented programming language. 

Clear and uncluttered documentation

Flutter provides a clean learning structure for the developers. It is available with a clear and easy to understand documentation which doesn’t ask developers to put any extra effort to start working with it. 

The information this cross-platform framework provides is well-documented and ensures an easy-going flow for the app development. 

Theme availability for different platforms

In some cases, developers need to design a single app for different platforms and wish that the apps appear different in terms of look and feel. Flutter provides the easy availability of the themes and plugins that make an app completely different from the other. 

The changes in the apps do not only appear from the outside but these are deeply rooted to make the solution properly optimized for the users. 

Attractive widgets

Flutter is rich in functional libraries that make it a complete tool with different natural looking widgets. Using these widgets ensures fast navigation. An added advantage is that developers can customize these widgets as per the mobile app development requirements. For better, responsive and portable user experience, you can also ask developers to integrate these with multiple platforms and design layouts. 

Receptive in nature

Flutter has a receptive nature which allows developers to build complex APIs for a variety of UI. It has rich formats and widgets that enable developers to build 2D UI, impressive animations and gestures without any hassle. 

Here, you can consider Google Flutter as a futuristic cross-platform app development platform which is built to create powerful iOS and Android mobile apps for variegated businesses. 

Bottom Line:

Tencent and Alibaba have become the very first companies influentially utilizing Google Flutter as their ideal technical platform. The apps they have launched are doing great in the market and responsible for increasing the brands’ customer base. 

If you also want to have rapid success in your venture, switch to Flutter, a complete cross-platform app development platform. We bet that you’ll have constant and upward success by utilizing Flutter for app development. 

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