As the year 2019 is approaching to an end, we all are excited for the new year. Many of us see the new year as the next chapter in our lives. We analyze the passing year, set a benchmark that we would like to achieve in the new year, and then set goals to bridge the gap between the two.

As an entrepreneur, you know that setting goals should be at the top of your to-do list. It helps you to keep a record of your progress and at the same time motivate you to achieve more. You can set your goals at any point in time in your life, but what could be better than starting off your new year with your goals set straight in front of you.

Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about the new year resolutions for entrepreneurs (let’s not be vague here. It’s better to stick to our business) and how these resolutions can help you perform your best and achieve your goals. So, for those of you who are still in doubt regarding their new year resolutions or who are facing difficulties in setting up their goals for the next year, I have prepared a list of certain easy to do things that you can add to your new year resolutions list. I’m sure these points are going to help you in growing your business and yourself as a better person.

1) Set realistic goals.

I know you want to rule the world, but setting a goal “rule the world” is not going to help you. You have to break it down into a number of small, achievable goals and start working on them. For starters, make a to-do list a day before and try to complete all the tasks on that list. Always remember, every goal achieved would be a step forward towards your ultimate goal.

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2) Read as much as you can.

As entrepreneurs, we indulge ourselves so much in our work that we forget to exercise our mind. Reading is the best way to get a break from your busy schedule, yet make good use of your time. Reading helps you relieve stress and learn new things. Be it a fiction to forget reality for some time, or a nonfiction, business strategy book or a motivational biography, just read!

3) Manage your cash.

This is a crucial business aspect for entrepreneurs. No mater if you are just starting your business or are already an established company, managing your cash flow will always help you in getting ahead of your competitors and establishing your position in the market.

4) Never forget your team.

As an entrepreneur, I know it’s not always ‘sunshines and rainbows’. We all have bad days and good days, and if someone experiences both with you, it’s your team. So, take some time out of your busy life and talk to your team. Speak to them about their life, ask them about their problems and help them if you can. If you can blame them for the losses, you should also celebrate with them during the wins. Always remember, your team is like your family, the more you put in, the more you will get.

5) Measure your progress.

Yes, it is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur. Measuring your progress will help you recognize your shortcomings so you can work on them. Always consider the feedbacks in a positive way and work towards improving your product because, without a proper way to measure your progress, you are not doing anything more than shooting arrows blindly.

6) Treat yourself.

You work so hard every day, put in all that you have so that your business could grow. Some of us are even working full-time jobs to fund their startups. While I would say the giving up all the luxuries could help in building your business; I would say the neglecting the core and personal needs will have adverse affects on your personal life and business in the long run. So, while you are working hard, you must treat yourself once or twice a month, depending upon your income. Keep a fixed percentage of your earnings that you would spend on yourself. This would make you more efficient, and your business, bigger.

7) Spend time with family and friends.

Don’t forget that your family and friends are as important as your clients, so, keep a balance between the two. In our busy schedule, we ofter forget to spend time with our loved ones who create differences among relationships. It is not a good thing for us as an entrepreneur. We all need the love of family and friends to stay sane and productive. Loneliness is the worst enemy of productivity, and an unproductive and inefficient entrepreneur cannot run a business.
couple that supports each other

These points are not hard to add into your dat-to-day life and follow. All it needs is determination, proper motivation to stick to a certain set of rules. I would suggest that you add these points in your New Year resolutions and try to follow as much as u can from them. With this, I wrap up my wisdom charts and wish you happy holidays and a euphoric new year.