Innovation has been helping individuals in developing faster and better products for consumers. The construction industries have started using this aspect of providing affordable services to consumers throughout the world. Innovative factor comes here in the form of concrete building blocks that have substituted the tradition bricks easily today.

Typically, the concrete has about 25% and the void area inside, and it varies according to the size and shape of the concrete itself. One of the factors that are loved by engineers today is that the concrete blocks are made such that they remain unaffected by typically any weather. This is not possible while using red bricks that can be on the verge of falling when weather is challenging.

The above aspect especially happens in the Asian countries where people are accustomed to bad weather, even flood. That’s why many people in Asia has been aware of the benefits of using concrete blocks over the red bricks. Below are some of the typical and critical benefits of concrete to spread the awareness of it.

1- Insulation properties

Concrete blocks are specifically famous because of their high sound and thermal insulation properties. Outside temperature cannot enter inside, which means the householders can stay neutral and even cold in the summer days at home. However, this property can vary depending on the manufacturer and the block itself.

2- Eco-friendly

Traditionally, bricks were used that releases fumes that can be harmful to humans and nature both. However, the hollow blocks are different in a way. The machine made blocks are specifically carved to save the environment.

3- Non-toxic

The combination of the radioactive and toxic element can create havoc within the lives of humans living around it. With concrete blocks, however, are sustainable and non-toxic in nature that ensures to save humans from having a troubled lifestyle.

4- Light weighted

Bricks have been traditionally used as a means of creating buildings for the people. It weighs high as compared to concrete material. The concrete blocks face about 40 to 50% reduction in weight.

5- Electricity Saver

The manufacturers make the concrete blocks specifically to enhance the overall energy efficiency of the house itself. That means temperature fluctuations rare happen within the walls of the home, saving lots of money and energy.

6- Resistance to many things

Concrete is certainly the first choice for many professionals because of it’s high resistance power against fire and earthquake. People can get about 1 to 2 hours of resistance against fire. It is because the block is lightweight, the possibility of an earthquake is reduced by ten folds.

7- High compressive strength

On average, the compressive strength can be determined by the numerical fractions, including above 2.0 N/mmz. When the particular block attains such level of strength, it can provide a lower level of compression. However, with concrete blocks, the level rises to 3.0 N/mmz that presents high compressive strength level.

8- Cost-effective

Since the concrete blocks have a lower maintenance cost, the aspects can be profitable for the individuals. The householders can use this for the construction of their homes and attain the benefit of having longer block-life. The construction cost is also reduced, that helps the individuals in saving money at large. Furthermore, high durability ensures that the blocks can face zero problems related to cost and maintenance.


Concrete blocks can have many benefits to provide a better home to the householders. Along with durability and cost-effectiveness, individuals can save energy and environment using these blocks. The company Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions Private Limited is meant to provide leca blocks at affordable rates that are highly resistant and has sufficient compressive strength.