If you have a scratch on the body of your car, then it is very hard to find out who is responsible for the scratch. Needless to say, this car scratch can be very frustrating especially if your car is brand new. Often this involves a considerably huge cost to get a car scratch repair.

A scratch can mark the finish of the car’s paint & diminish its overall value.  Here are three expert options to repair the car scratches.

  • Usage of Touch-Up Paint – Firstly, you have to clean off the area of the scratch thoroughly. Then you can do touch-up paint on the scratches which would make it look new. You can use a fine brush & paint on the scratch. You need to ensure that the color exactly matches the paintwork of your car. You can then wipe away the excess paint & leave the same to dry. After it has completely dried up, you need to determine whether you would require adding an extra coating or just simply waxing it. While adding a second coat, you need to ensure to wax them as soon as they dry. When you call professionals, you see that they use a plunger for removing and cleaning the dents.
  • Using Polish – You can also opt to use polish for the car scratches. Polish is slightly abrasive and thus it can be used for fixing car scratches by taking off some of the paint in a gentle manner. Then, you can apply polish on a piece of cloth and then wipe it over the scratch, rub the area surrounding it to the paint matches. You can then wipe off the excess polish and the scratches would then be invisible. You can apply wax to the areas in those areas for the purpose of extra protection. There are plenty of methods which you can do yourself in order to save money. The most crucial thing is to find leisure time to do the same. They sometimes also use a mallet and a hammer from the back, to repair the dents.
  • Using the Fix in Pens – These are the wonder pens that work quite similarly to touch-up paint but they are much easier to use. The best thing regarding these pens is that you can keep them in your car & repair those minor scratches almost instantly once you spot them.
Scratch Repair

How to Deal with Scratches on the Glass?

Another major problem that we usually face in our lives is scratches on the glass. Under such circumstances, you must be looking for an effective glass scratch repair. If you use an inferior quality product for treating your glass scratch, you may end up creating a mess as this may produce distortion or visibility problems.

Glass scratches are more difficult to deal with than on the clear coat surface of the automobiles as glass is comparatively a much harder substance. A superior glass scratch remover has the ability to penetrate the scratched spot & perform the job properly.

There are companies that produce effective products which include the rare earth metal known as Cerium Oxide. You can refer to individual dent puller for removing and repairing the dents. You will find cerium oxide in most of the products like:

  • Liquid glass polish containing liquid diamond
  • Glass polish containing diamond fast cerium oxide
  • Glass polishing compound containing Cerium Oxide

You should always adopt the superior-quality products to treat the car scratches and glass scratched in order to fetch favorable results. You have to check whether the dents are shallow dents or deep ones, and you should check the dents that are repaired before you decide to sell your car.

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