Ever since live streaming came into play it has stepped up the digital game and bloomed up the internet industry. Not only brands or businesses are inclining towards live streaming services, but many big organizations are also benefiting from the same. Live webcast on town hall meetings has made corporate communication easy. It helps in reaching all the employees of the organization around the world at a single time.

When the organization is large, it is extremely impossible to get all employees collected at the same time for a meeting. Between work assignments, different working hours and busy schedules, one or the other member tend to miss the important meetings. Multinational teams find it difficult to adjust to the different time zones and gather together for a meeting at the same time. With the emergence of live streaming services, corporates found the solution for conducting meetings and making announcements while keeping all the employees in a loop. Live broadcast on town hall meetings resolved all the hassle of collecting members of the organization in a single room for important meetings and discussions.

In the current era of digitalization, a large number of organizations opted for town hall meetings streaming solutions. It enables employees to tune in live from their respective locations.

Live broadcast on town hall meetings has become an integral part of organizations which makes the communication easy while conveying a message to a large number of people. Live webcast on town hall meeting, help organizations to expand the reach. It helps in reaching the employees who might not be able to attend meetings in person.

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Streaming solutions for town hall meetings are counted the same as live webcasting events, but the process is a bit more complex. The privacy, security remains the top more concern when an organization plans to live stream town hall meetings. If you are looking to securely live webcast on town hall meetings, here are a few tips that can help you.

1. Seek for a reliable and strong internet connectivity

A large number of people tune in Live, during a live webcast on town hall meetings. If the internet connection is not reliable, it risks important corporate information to be leaked to other channels. No organization can afford the leakage of confidential information. Selecting a reliable internet connection is the foremost step when you decide to live-stream town hall meetings. It helps organizations to live stream town hall meetings securely. However, all the employees and teams of the organization from various zones tune in at the time of the live webcasts of town hall meetings. It makes the network gets crowded, resulting in bringing down the network altogether. To reduce the strain on bandwidth, some organizations use to lower the resolution of the video, which is not a solution either. Along with a reliable network, strong internet connectivity resolves the puzzle and optimize live stream of town hall meetings effectively. Developing a WAN optimization strategy for live-stream town hall meetings works effectively. It helps in reducing the network constraints while giving a smooth walkway for organizations to live stream town hall meetings.

2. Create the URL for your live broadcast on town hall meetings

When you decide to live-stream town hall meetings, creating the URL for your live webcast on town hall meetings is a must. It helps to keep your live stream secure and private. The members you shared the link with, can only tune in at the time of live webcast. Select the best platform that offers streaming solutions for town hall meetings that suits the requirement of your organization. Set the privacy settings and share the link with the employees you want to tune in live. If you want your live webcast of town hall meeting to be accessed by anyone, change the privacy settings to “anyone on the web can see this”.

3. Create a waiting room for a live webcast of town hall meetings

After creating a URL for the live stream of the town hall meeting, share it with the employees. When you live stream town hall meetings, it allows employees to simply click the link and join the secure live webcast of town hall meetings, just by entering name credentials. If the employees click the link before the live webcast, they will be shown a virtual waiting room for live webcasts. A short description makes the viewer’s awareness of the purpose of the live webcast on town hall meetings.

4. Pay attention to recording equipment

If the meeting is small, a laptop with a high-quality webcam is sufficed. But if you are conducting large meetings, a well-equipped webcam & a dedicated microphone is a must to ensure audio and video quality. Check the settings on the recording device beforehand streaming live to ensure high-quality audio and video.

5. Keep in mind what layers need to be secured

Security is a crucial aspect of anything. While opting for streaming solutions for town hall meetings, checking the security is necessary. An organization must keep security and privacy concerns in mind while distributing official content globally. You must be well aware of the layers you need to keep secure and private at the time of live webcast of town hall meeting. Some organizations opt to restrict access to certain region IP due to privacy and security issues whereas others restrict the particular set of users depending on the organization’s beliefs and values.

6. Make on-demand viewing accessible

Tuning in at the same time is barely impossible for every employee of an organization. Due to work commitments, some employees of the organization tend to miss the live webcast. Organizations should make webcasts on town hall meetings available on-demand to the absent employees who missed the live broadcast. It allows viewers to view a live stream of town hall meetings as per their requirements. You can make town hall meetings accessible on various devices. It is quite effective as it can be seen from anywhere anytime and serves a large number of employees while serving the purpose of a town hall meeting.