Not all lawyers will be able to hire the custom law firm website design services because of high costs or other constraints. However, if they know about the necessary elements of an effective layout, then they can easily assess the competence of a professional or an agency. A good website design besides having attractive elements effectively conveys the nature of the business it represents. It must also act as an effective marketing device. A lawyer website design must be no different and it should attract an increased number of the right kind of clients. In this article, we are presenting a list of suggestions for creating a layout for a legal agency’s interface. This information will be useful not only for designers but also for attorneys looking to acquire a website for their business.

Understand The Requirements Of The Firm

Most design professionals make the mistake of adopting the one-size-fits-all approach while building a law firm interface. This more often than not creates a professional looking but low performing website. The main reason for this is the interface fails to communicate the right marketing message of the business. Let’s say a firm is run by an extremely well-known attorney. Then the design’s focus must be on the owner’s personality rather than other elements. People will already be knowing about the professional expertise of the lawyer and the website’s objective must be to create a brand around her persona.

Create A User-Friendly Navigation Scheme

An efficient navigation plan is one of the core components of a good layout. A legal website needs to have a user-friendly navigation plan which directs visitors to different locations in the least number of clicks. Most people who land on such interfaces are usually caught in an issue and are looking for possible solutions. They must be able to access the information they are looking for, quickly. A simple layout with dropdown menus for services, practice areas, and other sections will be useful. It will also be helpful to place the most important links in the header or the footer on the interface where they can be easily seen.

Use The Whitespace For Emphasis

The whitespace is another vital design element that helps in separating various page elements. Negative space, as it is also called, can be used to put emphasis on certain elements. This empty area provides relief to visitors eyes and when creatively used directs them to desired locations. For instance, plenty of whitespaces left around a large call to action button in a bright color will invariably catch a person’s eye. On a legal firm’s website, this element can be used to highlight the agency’s achievements like the awards it has won.

Know The Amount Of Space Text Needs To Consume

A website needs to possess significant visual appeal in order to attract visitor’s attention. Many attorneys feel that their interface must contain all the necessary information rather than beautiful images. The information about their services is necessary and websites are legally required to display some content like a disclaimer or a privacy policy. However, this does not mean that all the space needs to be occupied by text. The legally mandatory content can be placed on separate pages. Hire professional writers to compose brief text which communicates the necessary information. The main purpose of website content is to inform the visitors about the services and encourage them to contact the business. Detailed information can always be provided to clients when they get in touch.

Create Impressive Attorney Profiles

When potential clients visit a website, their main area of interest apart from the practices pages is attorney profiles. They want to know about the professional qualification and experience of the lawyers of the agency. Include all the degrees of the professionals along with the institutions where they were earned. Do not forget to mention the number of years for which they have been practicing apart from awards won by them or any other notable achievement. The best law firm website designs also include high-quality photographs of the resident attorneys and other professionals in their profiles. This helps in building a favorable impression of the lawyers as well as the agency in the minds of prospective clients.

Use Call To Actions In An Innovative Way

Call to action play a vital role in generating a high conversion rate. However, the usual buttons like “Subscribe” or “Sign up” would not be very useful in a law firm website design. Professionals must look to be innovative while creating a call to action for such interfaces. They can place a button along with attorney profiles with a message like “consult now”. New agencies looking to establish themselves can attract clients with tabs like “schedule a free consultation”. Ensure that the CTA buttons are prominently visible and are easy to target on mobile devices. Contrasting shades must be used so that the tabs immediately grab the attention of visitors.

Display Contact Information On All Pages

Law firm marketing consultants insist that the contact information must be included on all pages of a website. It takes a second for a person to make up her mind about choosing a product or service. Having the necessary information along with a suitable CTA will help capitalize on such opportunities. The telephone number with a “Call Now” or “Make an appointment” tab must be placed in the header or any other prominent location of the website.


The best law firm website designs are simple and attractive, guiding visitors quickly to all sections. Attorneys must choose a professional design agency that understands their work and can create a visually appealing as well as feature-rich design.

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