These days, different types of web hosting services are available in the market. However, among the popular web hosting services is windows hosting in India. It is mentioned to the websites that are assisted through Microsoft Windows NT or 2000 Internet Information Server (IIS). This type of windows hosting is installed with Microsoft Windows Server Edition like Windows XP or Windows 2003. In general, it is considered a powerful end-to-end management solution that comes with scalability and dependability features. Therefore, it is a popular platform to incorporate businesses with the internet.

Windows Hosting

Windows and UNIX are among the most prominent types of operating system platforms. These enable you to host your website on Windows Platform. It is an outstanding choice, and there are several benefits associated with Windows Hosting. Windows, as known, is a famous operating system. And it is supposed to be very precise and helpful for your online business. It is one of the topmost web hosting operating systems allows you to have a lot of benefits that meet your web hosting requirements.

Windows hosting India

If you want to use precise windows application such as Active Server Pages (ASP), then Windows hosting India is the right approach for you. On the other hand, if you are planning to develop your own website with Microsoft FrontPage, then again, Windows hosting India is the best solution. Not only this, if you want to develop your business website with .NET, MS Index Server, or Visual Basic scripts, it is a better choice in when compared with UNIX. In so far as the database is concerned, MS SQL is best suited for both UNIX and Windows hosting. But it is important to know that only Windows hosting can function the MS Access database.

The benefits of this hosting for users are that they are able to effortlessly incorporate any Microsoft products to websites because many customers can use Windows and use Microsoft products. You can be able to use cross-browser script libraries from JavaScript with ASP by using Microsoft technology. Some of the features, like ODBC database connectivity and Cold Fusion, can only be used for Windows hosting India and not by UNIX.

Apart from all this, we know that shared windows hosting is also used across the world to lower the expenses. However, mainly, two types of web hosting services are provided today in the market. These two services are: Dedicated Hosting and shared web hosting.

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting is different from shared hosting. And you can enjoy dedicated hosting to use the whole server with full authority. It allows you to use all required resources for one or more websites to get traffic websites, in general, hosting services.

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is generally considered to be the window hosting, which is extensively renowned among numerous kinds of hosting solutions. This type of services can let you have an extensive choice of inexpensive services, typically on a single server room. It provides superior control to diverse client websites.

Apart from Windows hosting India, there are many other solutions like free web hosting, web hosting reseller, and managed to host, etc. Furthermore, expenses-wise, windows hosting is well-known to be on the expensive side, especially when we discuss to set up. Reason being, it is trademarked software and because of its use of Windows servers.

To sum up, Windows hosting lets you have maximum compatibility with windows based software. The hosting services are designed to meet this purpose. It also lets hardware to function at its best in a Windows setting. By and large, it is best to incorporate websites with Microsoft products. Despite the fact that Windows hosting is a bit most expensive when compared with Linux or another hosting, it is preferred by many businesses across the world.